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  • Falling Through April Releases New Song “Paralyzed”

  • American hard rock band Falling Through April released a new song “Paralyzed” on July 9, 2021.
    The song is the fourth single off of their upcoming sophomore album album, following “Over and Done”, “Fell On Black Days” and “Say It Again”.
    The band wrote and recorded the song via video calls throughout the COVID-19 lockdown.
    The band has already music video for the song directed by Alex Heider, which will be premiered on July 17th.
    Frontwoman Mikaela Salazar told Shutter 16 Magazine, “It's always definitely been everybody puts their piece into every song. We definitely all just want to love it entirely and with this one usually the guys Jim and Dan will come up with a rhythm, melody all that and I'll just be like 'okay what does it make me feel, what does it bring up what do I want to say', and then guy we I worked with them with the lyrics.”
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    She continued, “It was really awesome with these last few singles we've got to work with a different producer. It's always fun, almost like every album I'd like to do different producer just for fun get to know them how the do it what do they bring out of us. And this last guy brought out a really new technique for me that kind of made me scared, because I'm used to like taking time with my songs rough draft here rough draft there, but he was like 'all right we're gonna make this fresh, we're gonna make this now.' I'm like so it was a really cool experience, and it was really great his friends Kyle Odell his friends and wonderful co-writers that I got to learn from. And so 'Paralyzed' that 's just emotion it brought out a little bit of anger, but also just aggression and a good way of like fighting your way to something better.”

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