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  • Griff Releases Debut Mixtape “One Foot In Front Of The Other”: Streaming

  • British singer-songwriter Sarah Griffiths, aka Griff released her debut mixtape “One Foot In Front Of The Other” on June 18, 2021 via Warner Records.
    The mixtape comprises of 7-track, produced by Griff and Lostboy.
    She wrote and recorded the mixtape during the COVID-10 pandemic lockdown.
    Griff said, “The tape is a collection of songs I've written during lockdown. It's been weird making music in this time, not really experiencing real life, but I think what's come out of feeling so uncertain about the future is knowing that all you can do is take another step. I've also produced the majority of this mixtape – I heard a stat that 2% of music producers are women, and so it feels important that as a young female in the music industry I should empower myself and continue to properly do it. It was challenging, but I hope in doing so One Foot In Front Of The Other feels like a raw, emotional and unpolished body of work.”
    “It was just me experimenting, messing about in my room and seeing what comes of that,” she told Apple Music. “I was trying to write honest, reflective lyrics. I think a lot of it is quite rough and ready, but that's what I love about it.”
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    Griff explained track-by-track for the mixtape via Apple Music.

    “Black Hole”
    “This was written in my last session before COVID happened. I was writing with [UK songwriter] Lostboy and [producer] SIBA. We landed on there being this big black hole. On one side, there's a real honesty and ruthlessness about talking about the emptiness we can all feel. But then the production brings lightness and humor to that. The lyrics are so melodramatic, and it's almost trying to create that sense of dancing through your heartbreak. It's about owning that feeling.”

    “One Foot in Front of the Other”
    “I guess this song is a bit of a part two to 'Black Hole.' 'Black Hole' is all minor, and then you hit 'One Foot in Front of the Other,' which is very major. It's about someone talking about how it feels to suddenly and slowly make progress out of this dark place. No one else realizes that you're making progress, but it's in those small things where suddenly it feels like there's light at the end of the tunnel. It's that vulnerable feeling of walking a tightrope. It's scary, but you're getting there.”

    “Shade of Yellow”
    “A song that's about escape. There were many times in my childhood where, because it was either chaotic or not that great at home, I'd find refuge in my best friend's house or something. The lamp in this song is a metaphor for always coming back to a person, and it's good to admit that you're coming back for them. But the beat is quite tumultuous all the way through. For me, I was picturing driving at nighttime. Which, I guess, is kind of what this song is about. It's about just trying to find safety and home in different places.”

  • “Heart of Gold”
    “This is very sparse in its production. It was quite inspired by 'Royals' by Lorde, in the sense that the song is just drums and vocals. It's about being a cautious lover and being a bit broken with someone that's almost this perfect person. It's about not wanting to be hurt again and about not really knowing how to open up again. There's a contrast in this fragile girl who has a heart of stone.”

    “Remembering My Dreams”
    “It's about the fact that, in the daytime, we can be busy and fine, and then suddenly, the moment you're asleep, things come back—whether it's your ex or your fears or anxieties. It's about the frustration of thinking you're fine, yet these things always seem to find a way back.”

    “Earl Grey Tea”
    “This song is about priorities. In this case, it's about someone who's really obsessive about their health, and about how you can be so focused on that, whilst all the important stuff around you is falling apart. But you could replace health with a career or whatever—it's just about being too focused on one thing and how, by the end of it all, the most important people around you won't be there. The Earl Grey tea thing specifically came from the fact that my dad started to drink lots of it because he heard it was really good for you.”

    “I'm not going to leave you on a downer, so this was a bit of a release. It's a love song, but it's more platonic than anything. It's just about anyone in your life who does't realize how much potential they have or how great they are. The song is happy and encouraging, and it has all my main influences in it. It's a fun one to end on.”
  • source : Apple Music
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