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  • WILDWOOD Releases New Song “Firefly”

  • Nashville-based singer-songwriter Anne Buckle, aka WILDWOOD released a new song “Firefly” along with a music video.
    The song was written by Anne Buckle. Produced by Brandon Metcalf and Anne Buckle. The video was filmed in Nashville.
    Anne Buckle explained of the song, “I have always been mesmerized by fireflies, those magical little creatures that light up the woods in golden splendor on southern summer nights. Growing up in Georgia and now at home in Tennessee, fireflies have brought me joy my entire life, and I look forward to their arrival every summer. A few years ago, I heard a story on NPR about them that really made me think. It turns out that fireflies spend most of their lives underground, living as flightless bugs for 1-2 years before they mature into adults. Once they finally emerge as fireflies, they live for only 21 days. I couldn’t believe something so beautiful, so magical could have such a short lifespan. Learning this made me stop and think about life, and about how fireflies make the most of the very short time they have.”
  • She continued, “I had COVID in July of last year, and those two weeks of being sick were really scary. I feared going to sleep each night, wondering if I’d be worse in the morning. Luckily, I recovered. But when I emerged from my 14-day quarantine, I had a renewed sense of purpose. I wasn’t going to waste another day of this life. I grabbed my guitar, and this song poured out in about 30 minutes at the kitchen table of my parents’ home in Georgia. I’m grateful to the fireflies for teaching me this lesson of making the most of our days, never taking one for granted.”
  • source : SoundCloud
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