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  • Viviana Releases New Song “Weather”

  • Houston-based singer-songwriter Viviana released a new song “Weather” on November 13th.
    The upbeat song is the second single following “Explosions” since her debut album “I Mean What I Say”, which was released last April.
    The track is inspired by a conversation with her father. Viviana told Naluda Magazine about the song, “'Weather' is an upbeat, humorous song about mediocre conversations. It's about wanting to talk about something more serious and just completely avoiding it. It's about that awkward space in between what you really want to say and what you end up saying, talking about the weather, how you lost your keys, or what you had for lunch. There is a desperate need for human connection that the person in this song just isn't getting.”
    She continued, “I was having a conversation with my dad. I really wanted to be open about my sexuality, but I just couldn't. It was on the tip of my tongue, and he knew it too. My coming out experience wasn't the easiest. I went through a lot of avoiding what I was feeling. My dad and I started talking about how hot it was. It's always hot in Texas; this wasn't some new revelation. I got the idea from that conversation.”
  • Viviana is a rising artist of Mexican and Venezuelan descent who has been writing since she was 13. Currently attending Berklee College of Music and majoring in Songwriting. In 2019, she released the debut album “I Mean What I Say”, which consisted of 8 original songs. Her music is a channel for her to express her genuine thoughts on mental health, sexuality, and relationships.
  • source : Naluda Magazine
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