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  • Wallows Releases New EP “Remote”: Streaming

  • Los Angeles-based alt-rock trio Wallows released their third EP “Remote” on October 23rd via Atlantic Records.
    The EP contains 6-track and follows up their debut album “Nothing Happens”, which was released last March.
    The band recorded the EP during quarantine for the COVID-19 pandemic.
    The band said, “'Remote' is a special project for us. We finished it all without seeing each other in person by sending each other voice memos and spending hours chatting on FaceTime. Though the lyrics don't reflect on or reference our time staying at home, the music wouldn't have turned out the way it did if not for quarantine. Big love to our producers and friends Sachi DiSerafino and John DeBold for working around the clock with us. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.”
    The band will join in Rolling Stone's Fridays for Unity, which will air on October 30th.
    In addition to the band, the two-part virtual features Selena Gomez, Jeff Tweedy, Stacey Abrams, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Ayanna Pressley, and more.
    Rolling Stone is hosting the Fridays for Unity series in partnership with the Future Now Fund and Future Now Action alongside Abrams' Fair Fight Action. Both events are free, but attendees will be encouraged to donate, with proceeds benefitting efforts to win state legislative majorities and mobilize voters.
  • Member of the trio, Dylan Minnette told DIY about the EP in an interview, “I think, for me, the lyrics I wrote are all about experiences from a couple of years prior that I haven't written about yet and general things about myself. It's all over the place really. There's no through-line, there's no narrative with the EP, which is fine because these songs are all so different anyway. We just took six songs that we really liked a lot which are all really different and tried to find a way to make it all feel glued together. It's like six stations on a remote control, that was the visual idea of what we wanted it to be. It's all over the place! But that's kind of the point.”
  • source : DIY
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