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  • Winona Oak Releases New EP “SHE”: Streaming

  • Swedish singer-songwriter Winona Oak released her second EP “SHE” on October 23, 2020.
    She released the EP just nine months later since her debut EP “Closure”.
    Earlier this month, she told Idolator what difference between two EPs in an interview, ”I would say that the CLOSURE EP is a little bit more innocent and more about just pure heartbreak. SHE is more of a statement EP… they're just very different. I would say that SHE has a little bit more anger. CLOSURE is more soft, just like cotton.”
    The EP contains 4-track, including preceding singles “With Myself”, “Piano in the Sky”.
    On the same day of releasing the EP, she dropped a new music video for title track, directed by Julian Gillström.
    In the clip, she played two different characters. Winona Oak told PAPER, "one that's innocent and angel-like and one that's mad and crazy. It was recorded at an abandoned factory in Sweden with a thunderstorm on the outside, so you can actually see a lightning strike behind me in one of the shots. I'm really happy we caught it on camera. It was a bit of a challenge to bring out that inner craziness and really loosen up, but I had so much fun while creating this one."
    She explained track by track for the EP below.
  • “SHE” (via PAPER)
    “SHE" is a character that we created while writing this song, but it's also referring to the fact that "SHE" could be anyone. We live in a segregated society with hierarchical structures where we're desperately striving for money and power. "SHE" represents that unpolished and darker part of you that would be willing to do anything in order to climb up the ladder.”

    “With Myself”
    “There's so many double standards in today's society. Women are constantly shamed for showcasing our healthy desire to be sexual. And we are seen as “bossy” and less likable for being successful compared to our male colleagues. When me, Sly and Max Wolfgang wrote ”With Myself” we wanted to take all these things and play around with the concept of a “bossy” bad ass woman counting her money, buying her own gifts, enjoying the space in her bed and making love to no one but herself.
    I want you to feel empowered. I want women of all ages, all around the world to feel comfortable in their own beautiful bodies, and to stop putting somebody else's needs and opinions in front of their own. YOU are in charge of YOUR body and YOUR sexuality – and that's a beautiful thing so I want you to own it. It's about time that we make more love with ourselves. This is a really special one to me so I hope that it will find its way into people's hearts.”

    “Piano in the Sky”
    “The night before I wrote this song with @maxwellcooke I had a dream about a piano playing high above the clouds. It was carrying a lot of the answers I was so desperately looking for so far far away in a hidden place. Desperately I tried to reach for it but my legs could barely move so I just watched as it faded away playing the same melody over and over again.
    For me the piano symbolizes all my fears and darkest secrets, all the repressed emotions that I've been running from. Like a song playing far away in my subconscious. I must find the courage to face it, I have to break the silence in order to heal. But sometimes I just wish that I didn't feel anything at all - and that's ok too.”

    “The Light” (via PAPER)
    “Nothing is as scary as battling with your own mind. As someone who's been struggling with severe anxiety and panic attacks for a long time, I wanted to talk about the darkest moments when you're battling the fear of your own thoughts, when all you want is to feel the beauty of life again, to know that the light is still there somewhere. And I promised myself— one step at a time — and the strength will find its way back to me.”
  • source : PAPER Magazine
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