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  • Cyn Releases New EP “Mood Swing (even moodier)”: Streaming

  • American singer-songwriter Cyn released a new EP “Mood Swing (even moodier)” on September 18th.
    On the someday, she dropped a new music video for “I'll Still Have Me (even moodier)” directed by Possum Hill.
    The EP is a reworking of her debut EP “Mood Swing” and contains 5-track. The debut EP “Mood Swing” included 7-track and was released in September 2019.
    She told American Songwriter about the EP in an interview, “It's just a reworking of five of the Mood Swing songs. It's “Angel,” “I'll Still Have Me,” “Nobody's Keeping Score,” “Holy Roller,” and “I Can't Believe.” It's just stripping everything down. So, we tried to do minimal production, but I wouldn't actually call them “acoustic.” Some of the vocals I didn't redo. I redid the vocals on “Nobody's Keeping Score” and “Holy Roller,” so those ones have a very new feeling. I guess I just wanted to show the songs in one more different light and continue that conversation before I release a new single (which I also am nearly done with!)”
  • She explained how she reworked the EP, “Holy Roller,” for example, is now a piano ballad, whereas the original is an electric guitar-clad pop ballad. It's more of a like a flex, like a “Check out how many lives my songs can take on.” We just wanted to see what we could do and it was quarantine so we just decided “Why not?” We had the time and were just like, “If we can do something moving, why not?” So we did that and Mood Swing and the Even Moodier versions of the songs are such an experience that are going to inform my later experiences. I can't separate myself from it. With Mood Swing, I was into “Let me say something shocking and unexpected.” Now, I really just want to say something beautiful. So, it was less about shocking people and more about “How can I be poetic and in love?” I think you get out certain urges in your early wiring that you don't feel like you need to do again, but that experience informs how you do the new stuff.”
  • source : American Songwriter
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