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  • Kevin Keller Releases New Album “The Front Porch of Heaven”: Streaming

  • New York-based composer Kevin Keller released his 12th studio album “The Front Porch of Heaven” on September 18, 2020.
    The album features 6-track beautiful and cinematic sound. Also it is partly inspired by his recent heart surgery.
    Back in August, he told The Voice, “In the weeks just prior to the surgery, I thought back about my whole life, and remembered those few times when I felt a deep sense of “knowing.” Like the time I looked up in the sky at age 15 and felt a deep sense of joy and gratitude. Or the time that I stood in a grove of trees, marveling at the golden sun streaming through the leaves. Or the time that I ran up a hill to meet a flock of swifts that darted around my head in the afternoon sun. These moments became the inspiration for the album.”
    In addition, he said to ZO Magazine in a recent interview, “There were a couple of times during the writing of the album that I felt as vulnerable as I've ever felt. It felt like I was revealing something so personal and so private that I questioned whether I should do it. I felt almost “naked”. But I felt that this album needed to be that personal, otherwise, it would fall short. I'm always looking for ways to push myself creatively and to break down perceived walls in myself to find the truth. “The Front Porch of Heaven” definitely goes to places I've never been in my work, and it feels good to have shared that with the listeners.”
  • source : ZO Magazine
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