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  • Chloe Lilac Releases New EP “DOUCHEBAG”: Streaming

  • Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Chloe Lilac released her sophomore EP “DOUCHEBAG” on August 28th via RCA Records.
    The EP contains 7-track, featuring guest appearance from Kota the Friend.
    Produced by Zach & Roger, Martin Wave, Andy Seltzer, Frans Mernick and Sean Kennedy.
    Chloe Lilac said of the EP, “As a young woman I'm so conditioned to just take what men give me and thank them for it. These songs on my EP are about empowering myself and my listeners to give them strength to manifest confidence. It's for myself and for them. It's both.”
    She explained track by track for the EP below.
    “being with someone that clearly doesn't like you as much as you like them, being in denial about it, and then realizing you're better than that bullshit.”

    "Instead of loving me, you just wanted a song about you. We used a sex doll to symbolize only being viewed for my sexuality rather than my character as a woman. In the beginning of the video it's just me, symbolizing how alone and uncomfortable I felt, and by the end I'm with all my friends who supported and uplifted me."

    “'Douchebag' is about people (in my case, men, but anyone can be a douchebag) who will say anything to string you along and use you (whether that's physically or emotionally) without making any legitimate commitments. When I was 16-18, I had a huge crush on this one guy who strung me along for months. It was really confusing and hurtful, because he'd say he felt a way about me, do some wild romantic gesture, then turn around and start dating someone else.”

    “This song is about my struggle with mental health and self hatred. I'm a really intense person and I sometimes feel like people can only handle me in moderation."

    “This song is about a guy I was hanging out with getting a text from some girl named Emily at 1am. He was one of those dudes that never had contact names for anyone, and so in my head I FREAKED out. I still don't know who Emily is…”

    “MISS YOU”
    'Miss You' is about my first breakup. Every time me and this person would break up, I would miss them SO much, and kind of forget who I was.”

    “It's about realising I didn't mean as much to someone as I thought I did.”
  • source : Dork
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