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  • Imagine Dragons Releases New Album “LOOM”

  • American pop rock band Imagine Dragons, consisting of Dan Reynolds (lead vocals), Wayne Sermon (guitars) and Ben McKee (bass), released their sixth studio album “LOOM” along with a new music video for “Wake Up” on June 28, 2024 via Kidinakorner and Interscope Records.

    The album comprises a 9-track, produced by longtime collaborators Mattman & Robin.
    It is their first LP in two years since the 2022 two-part studio album “Mercury - Acts 1 & 2”
    Also, it is the first release as a trio due to drummer Daniel Platzman has been on hiatus since 2023.
    The album builds on their signature pop-rock style, incorporating more elements of rap and electronic than ever before.
    The accompanying music video was directed by Matt Eastin.

    “Working on this record was a rollercoaster - just as it always is. some days the songs came from a place a sadness and heartache and others joy and jubilance. loneliness. searching. wanting. anger. love,” the band frontman Dan Reynolds said of the album. “The beauty of songwriting is that it has always simply been my journal. it has documented decades of my journey through this strange life. and I’ve been lucky enough to create it with my best friends in a band and have you share it with us.”
  • He continued, “We have been working on it quietly for the last couple years. I found myself lost in a wave of emotions and didn’t know how to express them. But as always, music provided a space for that. And the studio gave me a place of refuge and a non judgmental ear.”

    He added, “With my best friends by my side we worked on this record. I felt free to say everything I needed to say. I hope that it brings you the same sort of solace it brought me. Whatever you may need. I hope that it makes you feel. Anything. Something. Anger. Happiness. Gratitude. Heartbreak. Joy. Peace. Nostalgia.”

  • The band explained about some tracks for the album.

    “Nice to Meet You” via Genius
    “It was actually the last day of the whole record. And we came into the studio and we were just like let's just have fun today. Something about that freedom made me not think about like what is dragons?, what do Dragon's do? It was like make a song that I like. This song has a certain dance tempo like dragons are not really, it's dragons are more like emo like I'm upset. I'm angry, angsty kid. And I was in a joyful state to which I'm a very high low person. So I was like, well let's take advantage of this very high moment. During that day, we celebrated everybody was in the city of the guys were there and everybody we all we had a cheers we're like yeah, we finished the record. And there happened to be a room mic that was on. When we were finishing the mix, we were like, Hey, that room mic was on. Let's listen to that and get talking from it. And then we found the moment we cheers and we put that on the second chorus. If you listen close from the second chorus hits, it's like a party. it's like, 'Hey,' that was a real moment of us celebrating the end of the record. So it was cool to kind of put it on the song in that way.”

    “Eyes Closed”
    “After taking some time off the road and spending time catching up with family and loved ones, I finally have felt the desire to go back to the sonic places that originally brought me the most joy, but with a new outlook and mentality. The world looks much different after being a band for more than a decade. But some things will always remain the same. It’s finding that right balance of nostalgia and freshness that brings me the most joy in the studio. We had a lot of fun making this one and hope you enjoy it too.”
  • source : Apple Music
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