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  • Kehlani Releases New Album “CRASH”

  • American singer-songwriter Kehlani released the fourth studio album “CRASH” on June 21, 2024 via Atlantic Records.

    This marks their first album in two years since the 2022 album “Blue Water Road”.
    The album comprises a 13-track, featuring guest appearances from Jill Scott, Young Miko, and Omah Lay.
    Produced by Dixson, Mamii, Khris Riddick, Alex Goldblatt, Oak Felder, Jack Rochon, Aidan, Aaron Paris, Ant Clemons, Darhyl Camper, GuiltyBeatz, and Etienne.

    Kehlani said of the album in a statement, “A crash, in any form, is the peak height of the momen. It isn't the anxiety of the before, or the lament after. It is the ever-so-imperative present. A space with no reminisce, no remorse, and no afterthought…At my most free, most fun, most loud, most fueled, so far.”
  • Kehlani shared, “To an album that changed lives. An album that was birthed from pure fire. An album that freed me, unlocked me, and double dog dared me. We made this album in many cities, from sun up till sun down. Each creator crafting out of pure joy, passion & the hunger to carefully craft a new sound. We didn't know what to call this album, what genre it was, where it would land. We only knew we arrived.”

    They continued, “A crash, in any form, is the peak height the moment. It isn't the anxiety of the before, or the lament after. It is the ever so imperative present. A space with no reminisce, no remorse, and no after thought. Crash is HERE. At my most free, most fun, most loud, most fueled so far.”

    They added, “Thank you to everyone who stayed up til morning, traveled to every city, everyone who took a passport stamp for me. Thank you to everyone who let me make 5 versions. Thank you to every creative, musically & visually who treated this baby like it was their own. I took a chance, bet on myself, and won. Meet me in the city where the neon lights sing. I'll be waiting!”
  • Kehlani explained about some tracks for the album.

    “Next 2 U”
    “The end of the video. This was the most daunting part of the process. An 120 page word doc. At highest speed, for an entire minute, we couldn't even make it to January. LONG LIVE THE MARTYRED CHILDREN. GOD BLESS THE CHILDREN. Head to Jazeera, Al Jazeera English to scroll at an honorable, appropriate place/pace. We bear witness.
    THE ROLE OF THE ARTIST IS TO MAKE THE REVOLUTION IRRESISTIBLE - TONI CADE BAMBARA. As an artist, I was nervous. Terrified. Worried after losing so much of what id valued for an album I worked incredibly hard on to my humanity, paired with the crippling wonder of what music is appropriate to drop during the most historical tragedies of our generation. I remembered my favorite revolutionary poets, singers, filmmakers. I remembered how much impact we have. I thought about my favorite James Baldwin quotes about the role of an artist in society. I listened to this song enough to recognize a love song IS a protectors song IS revolution.
    This was merely a reflection of pain. of anger. of support. a lens. a long ruminating energy. A reflection of the pink washing, the silencing, the negative portrayal, the fear mongering. There is gentle where is fierceness. There is beauty in the radical. I'm scared shitless by the way. I'm just tryna be where my feet are. Here, now. Always & forever.”

    “After Hours”
    “One of my favorite songs of all time, but also just like to be outside is -no pun intended- is 'Move Ya Body' by Nina Sky and I remember walking around the house like 'Why has nobody sampled [this]?' Because those drums are so recognizable and everybody just loses it. It's one of those things where it drops and everybody goes, 'Woo,' and bends their knees and puts their hands on their knees.
    Coming out of this pandemic to global tragedy to global tragedy to global tragedy, I was like I'm not really in a space to make something that feels super jarring or super sad. I'm very outspoken about these things, but I want my art to provide some kind of life and fun. I wanna hear this outside and I wanna feel good.”
  • source : Apple Music
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