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  • Kamille Drops New Music Video for “headline”

  • British singer-songwriter Kamille has dropped a new music video for “headline” directed by Kamille, REBEKAHBCREATIVE, and Cam Heyes.

    The song was released as the first single from her upcoming sophomore album “K2” last month.
    The new album is expected to be released later this years.
    It was written by Anya Jones, Duck Blackwell, kamille, Peter Chill, and Ramera Abraham.
    Produced by Duck Blackwell, kamille, and Tre Jean-Marie.

    Kamille said of the song, “I hope this song helps you feel amazing about yourself, because it’s time for you to be the headline… flex a little … feel good about being YOU! This is our moment to finally be SEEN. It’s about unapologetic confidence. A reminder that you are untouchable.”
  • She said of the video, “This makes me soooo happy! As an independent girlie, I can’t explain how proud I am! Initially I just set out to make a lil visualiser for Headline during a really stressful content day that I organised, produced & directed just 2 days before, but thanks to the genius that is Cam Heyes it turned into something SO much bigger & it devoured everything & now I’m here watching this back like.”

    She continued, “This was the 8th visual I made on the day and I can literally see how tired I am, but I love that I pushed through & didn’t give up! Being independent isn’t easy but it really teaches you how to multitask, be strong, and have conviction in your thoughts, ideas and your craft. A huge thank you to REBEKAHBCREATIVE who made some incredible content with me on separate day that I had to use in this here video chile because it ATE TOO MUCH, ur an angel boo!!! I hope you enjoy this video as much as my wig slid whilst making it.”

  • Also, Kamille has also partnered with Black Lives In Music as an ambassador for their “YourSafetyYourSay survey on Bullying and Harassment in the music industry”.

    Kamille said, “From the beginning of my journey in the music industry, I’ve faced so many barriers... I realised very early on that we (black women in music) are labelled negatively when we defend ourselves against bullying.”

    She continued, “We’re often judged beyond our talents, and even sometimes exploited in ways that can gaslight us into accepting harassment online via social media, in the form constructive criticism. But it’s not ok, and I think it’s important to speak up against bullying in any form.”

    She added, “I really want to use my platform to promote a safe supportive space for all types of black artists.”
  • source : Apple Music
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