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  • Carly Pearce Releases New Album “hummingbird”

  • American country music singer-songwriter Carly Pearce released the fourth studio album “hummingbird” on June 7, 2024 via Big Machine Records.

    This marks her first album in three years since the 2021 album “29: Written in Stone”.
    The album comprises a 14-track, featuring a guest appearance from Chris Stapleton, produced by Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne, and Carly Pearce.
    Originally, the album title was set to be titled “Country Music Made Me Do It”, the first track, but finally she chose the last song written for the album.
    The primary theme of the album is healing, and that the first half of the record's fourteen tracks are lighthearted and playful, noting as "with the healing comes a great freedom and joy".

    Carly Pearce said of the album, “The last few years have been a season of loss and growth, of healing and happiness. A belief that if I did the inner work, I would rebuild myself stronger than I was before, and a knowing that I have done some living and will always be unapologetic about it. These 14 songs incapsulate my confidence that there is light on the other side of darkness and my true love of country music.”
  • She continued, “When you hear this album - Wherever you are on your journey, I hope it shows you that pain can be a lesson that shows you just how strong you are and what you truly deserve. That we can all find the 'hummingbird' in the midst of whatever we're going through.”

    Carly Pearce told People, “Hummingbirds are a sign that the healing process can begin, and that good luck is on the way. To me, that's kind of what this whole album was. It was my healing journey, and it was very messy at times. Even in the songs that are sad, there's this underlying realization that there's a reason you're hurting, and it's for something bigger. I don't think that was where I was during 29.”

  • Carly Pearce explained about some tracks for the album.

    “​country music made me do it”
    “​I've been busy in the studio recording new music, and want to share a little of that with you too. 'Country Music Made Me Do It' is the essence of this next chapter for me. I wrote this song as an autobiographical anthem.”

    “​we don't fight anymore” featuring Chris Stapleton
    “​I've always wanted to write music that makes people feel something—whether that is feeling seen, less alone, happy or even uncomfortable. 'We Don't Fight Anymore' felt like I was writing one of those stories that, whether or not we want to include it in our social media highlight reel, we've either been there or are living there right now.”

    “​my place”
    “I woke up the morning I wrote this song after having a dream that the relationship I was in had ended. It was almost like my heart knew it was going to happen before I wanted to believe it. It's hard to let people go. Your heart wrestles with the fact that someone who was once your whole world, isn't it anymore. Social media sure doesn't make it easy either, as we all see when our exes move on. This song is my story of that realization and also that acceptance. That it's not 'my place' anymore...”

    “fault line”
    “Some of my favorite songs were in the era of Tammy Wynette and George Jones. 'fault line' is my take on writing one of those classic, 'I'm gonna rip your head off' country songs. The playful angst in this song makes it one of my favorite moments on the record.
    'fault line' is my little ode to the era of country music that made me fall in love with it. When I was little, my grandpa bought me album sets from every decade of country music and told me to study it. I fell in love with the early sounds & wrote this song as if I was an artist living in that time. I can't help but hear Tammy & George singing it in my head :)”

    “When I wrote this song, I knew I wanted this to be the title of the album. This song plays on my bluegrass roots but also lyrically tells the story of the journey I am on of finding love. This is the most unapologetically 'Carly' song I've ever written.”
  • source : Apple Music
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