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  • Beth McCarthy Releases New Song “Good Bi”

  • Back in February, London-based singer-songwriter Beth McCarthy released their new 5-track EP “IDK How To Talk To Girls” for the first time in two years.

    Following the release of the EP, just three months later, they released a new song “Good Bi” on May 31, 2024.
    The song draws about the bisexuals.
    Beth McCarthy co-wrote the song with London-based singer-songwriters CATTY and Kaity Rae. Produced by Kaity Rae and Dustin Dooley.
    The accompanying music visualiser directed by Callaway Breeze.

    Beth McCarthy said of the song, “I've never been super attached to labels when it comes to my sexuality. Last year I started releasing songs about girls because I LOVE GIRLS!! and it felt amazing to be so unapologetically queer in my music for the first time ever. Then I fell in love! with a boy! and a bunch of people made me feel really invalid in my queerness because I was dating a man and still singing about women. the thing is, both can exist at the same time, it's called being 'bisexual' and I realised how important it is that I SHOUT about that because people still just don't get it!!!”
  • They continued, “So this song is a big fat fuck you to biphobia. It's for all the bisexuals (and pansexuals but “good pan” doesn't quite hit the same) who have been made to feel like they don't belong - that they're not gay enough to be queer but they're too gay to be straight. it's for anyone who's ever been told to pick a side or that they're greedy. Don't pick a side! be greedy! like the boys and the girls (and the NB's of course)!! being bi is so fucking cool and i'm so proud to be owning that label.”

  • They added, “Wrote this one with my absolute favourite humans CATTY and Kaity Rae. Grateful for your talent and your friendship and most importantly your unconditional support for who i am. you created the safest space for me to write one of the most important songs I've ever written and it means the world that we created this banger TOGETHER.”

    Photo by Chris Harris
    Background photo by Demi van Heumen
  • source : Apple Music
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