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  • Beren Olivia Releases New EP “if we're being honest”

  • London-based singer-songwriter Beren Olivia released her new EP “if we're being honest” along with a new music for “I Feel Like Talking” directed by Laurie TB on May 17, 2024.

    The EP is her first project in three years since the 2021 EP “Early Hours of the AM”.
    The EP comprises a 6-track, produced by Hugo Silvani, Mezz and Will Vaughan.

    “I've talked a lot about communication and opening up to one another. Each song represents something I have struggled to communicate over the last few years,” Beren Olivia said of the EP. “I think the biggest thing I've learnt the last two years is how to communicate. I know that seems simple and ridiculous but even as a kid, I've always struggled with letting people see me upset or stressed about anything. I'd rather deal with stuff like that on my own cause I think on some level it can be suppressed and easier to manage that way. I got so used to doing that, I forgot how to actually talk to people...which is ironic considering I write songs. I've honestly spent a lot of time by myself which I've really enjoyed and I think that shows in my music now. This whole EP and each song is about something I've struggled to communicate over the last few years and I hope the songs speak to you and can help speak for you if you're struggling.”
  • Beren Olivia told Next Wave Magazine about the EP, “I started writing these songs at the end of 2022, so it was a while ago. I've honed in on who I want to be as an artist and what I want to say. I think before I was really focusing on writing a really fucking cool song, and I would compromise in areas where I would think 'I really like this lyric, but it doesn't feel catchy enough, so let's leave it'. Now, this is just wholly me.”

  • Beren Olivia explained track-by-track for the EP.

    “Drown It In Grey”
    “Whilst the song is loud and fun, lyrically for me the song is heavy and addresses quite big issues like mental health and feeling like we're living in this numbness day to day. It's easy to hide away and isolate yourself in those times so I wanted to make a video that was the complete opposite. Being out with friends and talking to one another, really opening up and connecting can make the biggest difference. My gorgeous band James Miles Attwood, Jake Hopkins. Alex Hancox agreed to freeze their tits off with me out in Camden one night and I gave myself whiplash whilst Laurie TB filmed this entire video herself and edited it in such a beautiful way. I hope you love it.”

    “Wake Me Up”
    “Wake Me Up is numb. It's the week you don't want to talk to anyone or see anyone. Almost is self sabotage which is the push away.”

    “I Feel Like Talking”
    “By the London show, everyone was singing it, which was sick!”

    “Almost” via Next Wave Magazine
    “I call it my self-sabotage song. I feel like a lot of people can relate to the fact that sometimes when it feels too good or too easy, it's like, 'Oh, I'm gonna mess up somewhere. I'm scared of being broken up with, I would rather be breaking up.' It's about calling things off early because you're too scared to commit and take that next step. It's a concept that I had been wanting to write about for a while, and I haven't because I didn't know the right way to say it. I was with my good friend Sody, who is an incredible songwriter. She writes beautiful breakup songs and all of these really deep and emotional songs, and I was like, 'I have this song idea I need your help.' It was actually a lovely session; we kind of just drank a lot of rosé, cried a bit, ate some ice cream, and wrote a song.
    I had such a vision for this video. I wanted to capture self sabotage and what it really looks and feels like to me. The house represents the brain. Being trapped in your own head fighting your own thoughts and not being able to get out when the door is wide open.”

    “She'll Be Dancing”
    “I think people are still nervous to talk about mental health openly, so I just want this to be an outlet for them. I want people to see me as a good friend and to be an advocate for mental health. The one thing that will forever have me in awe is the fact that not matter the struggles we all face in our lives, no matter how tough it gets, we always find a way to power through and keep moving forward.” Beren says of the track. “With tears in our eyes we keep dancing and I just think that's amazing.
    This song is everything I want to be as an artist. I want to create an atmosphere where we can all be in a room together *cough stadium (one day), forget everything that's going on in our lives for a couple of hours and just sing, dance, laugh and cry. She'll Be Dancing represents all of that for me and I hope you love it and connect to it as much as I do.”
  • source : Apple Music
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