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  • Amanda Cy Announces New EP “Waterworks”, Shares New Song “A Mother's Touch”

  • Stockholm-based indie-pop singer-songwriter Amanda Cy has announced that her new EP “Waterworks” will be released in April via AWA.

    She worked with Swedish production duo Teddy Failure on the EP.
    Amanda Cy said of the EP, “Writing Waterworks has been one of the most rewarding experiences ever. After a challenging period in my career and losing some of my belief in my own artistry, I never thought that I'd be able to finish a body of work, but with each song emerging, I was writing my way out of a pretty long creative slump.”
    From the EP, she released a new song “A Mother's Touch” on March 7, 2024.
    The song is written about the sudden loss of her own mother, just weeks after her own birth.
    The track was written by Amanda Cy, Marcus White, and Teddy Failure. Produced by Teddy Failure and Marcus White.
  • Amanda Cy said of the song, “The idea for the song came in stages over the course of a few years, first the title, then a few lines here and there and lastly the chords and melody. For many years I had a pretty harsh 'get-over-it' attitude towards myself, so this song was kind of a reminder that it's okay to grieve something even if it happened a long time ago, or you're not really sure what it is.”
    She continued, “After writing the chorus I brought it to my very first session with Marcus White, who helped me finish it. I needed someone to call the shots and make it move forward. Then it took about a year for the last pieces to fall into place.”

  • Amanda Cy shared on social media, “A few weeks after I was born my mom unexpectedly passed away from a heart condition. I don't remember her, and this song is about the things I wish I knew. It's about grieving the fact that you couldn't make memories with someone, and you're kind of always missing a little piece?? I've always had a pretty harsh 'get-over-it-already' attitude towards myself on this, so writing this song - much less releasing it - is a scary but also therapeutic thing. I hope this finds the right people and I hope you love it as much as I loved writing it.”
    Amanda Cy will support British singer-songwriter Griff's Europe & UK Tour. The tour kicks off at Debaser Strand in Stockholm, Sweden on March 10, 2024.
    Learn more about tour dates, here.

    Photo by Daniela Spiroska
  • source : Apple Music
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