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  • Cody Fry Releases New Single “Things You Said (Acoustic Sessions)” featuring Abby Cates

  • Nashville-based singer-songwriter Cody Fry released a new acoustic sessions of “Things You Said” on February 14, 2024.

    The song features Nashville-based singer-songwriter Abby Cates.
    The accompanying video was directed by Dakota Diel.
    He recorded and filmed the acoustic version last November. The original version of the song is featured on his eighth studio album “The End”, which was released in September 2023.
    Cody Fry said, “Excited to announce Acoustic Sessions! Videos from this project will start rolling out on Feb 16 and the first single is out RIGHT NOW. How fortuitous that we had this acoustic video of “Things You Said” feat. Abby Cates ready to go right as it is going viral. Just like we planned it! (We didn't.) This project was filmed and recorded live on Nov 13 with some of the most talented people I've ever met.”
    Before the release of the single, the song went viral on TikTok in China. The song's the Number One Shazam track in China.
    But his record label UMG-owned Decca Records hadn't renewed their licensing agreement with the social platform TikTok and all of the company's music has been removed.
  • Cody Fry told Rolling Stone in an interview, “The pipeline from TikTok to streaming is pretty strong. I've always just considered TikTok as a promotional tool rather than a moneymaking platform. As Universal has themselves said, TikTok already pays out so little, even a percentage increase to 10 percent, 20 percent, I don't know what the negotiations will result in, but I'd be skeptical that it makes a real difference in terms of the final payouts to some artists. I hope it does.”
    He continued, “I would be fully supportive of what UMG is doing - I think TikTok should pay more. TikTok has its promotional value, but then there's also elements of TikTok and how they use music that feels a little bit exploitive. They have to negotiate and find a balance there. The bummer is that it feels like UMG and TikTok are both going to be fine. Meanwhile, the actual artists on the ground are the ones that are going to take the hits for this.”

  • He added, “I would not put myself in the camp of anti-UMG or anti-TikTok. I'm pro-artist. And I think it's just so sad that both of these companies are saying that they're pro-artist, and no one is consulting the artists about what they want here. I'm still digesting this. Obviously, we're only a few hours into the actual takedown. I have faith in my fans, faith in the internet. I'm sure people will still figure out a way to find the song. It's blown up massively. I'm sure that the internet will find a way to listen to the song if they want to. It just feels like a big own-goal.”
  • source : Apple Music
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