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  • Lucky Hit Premieres New Song “Hungove (Ska Version)” on BBC Music Introducing

  • British punk rock band Lucky Hit, consisting of Aaron Planson (drums), Gian Carlo (vocals/guitar) and Lawrence Murphy (vocals/bass), premiered a new song “Hungove (Ska Version)” on BBC Music Introducing Sussex & Surrey with Melita Dennett.

    The song is taken from their 2023 EP “Echoes and Ashes”. It was written by Aaron Planson, Gian Carlo and Lawrence Murphy.
    The band recorded the song with producers Callum Benson and J Lambert at Steel City Studios.
    Lucky Hit said of the song, “This is a ska version of our song Hungover, from our latest EP- Echoes and Ashes. We recorded this song at Steel City Studios with Caluum Benson and J Lambert. Hungover is a song about living in the moment. In this day and age where everything is moving so fast we forget to enjoy ourselves, sometimes you need to really cut loose, getting drunk with friends and partying like there’s no tomorrow. If you’re not hungover the next day, you didn’t party hard enough.”
    They adde, “Life is hard, and sometimes you’ve got to reward yourself and go have some fun. If there is any way you can unburden yourself from your own stress and responsibilities, even if it’s just for one night, you should take it every so often.”
  • After the release of the song, the band shared their circumstances on social media, “A few days ago, & without warning our music distributor went bankrupt. When they did - they lost their license to distribute and as such all of our music from streaming platforms were suddenly removed. On top of this we’ve also lost over 30,000 streams worth of royalty payments owed to us since the release of our second EP. This has catastrophic effects to us, as there is already little to no profits in being in a DIY band, we pretty much break even or run at a loss with everything we do, and to a degree that’s fine because we do it for the love of it and not to chase money & fame. But those payments would have helped us do more, no doubt, and it’s a real kick in the teeth for sure.”
    They continued, “We’ve since managed to get them re-uploaded with another distributor - but sadly this has caused pretty much all momentum we had from Spotify’s release radar and radio to slam on the brakes and stop pushing our music. Another bump in the road for us but at this point we’re pretty used to it! Onwards & upwards.”

  • Photo by Andy B
  • source : BBC Music Introducing in Sussex & Surrey.
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