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  • Dekker Releases New Song “Popped the Top”

  • American singer-songwriter Brook Dekker, aka Dekker has announced that his third studio album “Future Ghosts” will be released on March 1, 2024.

    Initially, the album was supposed to be released on February 16, 2024. Finally, he will release the album in March.
    It is his first album in two years since the 2022 album “I Won't Be Your Foe” and comprises a 10-track.
    Reconnecting with his long-time collaborator Stefan Wittich at his Berlin studio in 2022, the pair began formulating his ideas for “Future Ghosts”.
    Dekker said of the album, “After the completion of 'I Won't Be Your Foe' in 2021, I knew I had done something special but that album was an exercise in writing an album that reflected more of how I WANTED things to be and feel. It was time to write something more reflective of how I WAS doing and what was going on with me more acutely.”
  • He continued, “I began writing this album when my daughter asked, 'what happens to us when we die?' I told her that I didn't exactly know and that we should begin searching together for an answer. It was at that moment that we wrote together what would become this album's title track 'Future Ghosts'. Somehow I knew I had just set a tone for the record; thoughtful, melancholic, not overly indulgent and with a little more of a lived-in feeling than my previous work.”
    He added, “It's about going through hard things and learning that you can do hard things. In these songs you can also find something like faith and the kind of love that makes you do weird things.”

  • From the album, he released a new song “Popped the Top” on Janaury 26, 2024.
    The song is the sixth single off of the album.
    It was written and produced by Brook Dekker, with production by Stefan Wittich.
    He has already filmed a music video for the song, which is coming soon.
    Dekker said of the song, “Do you ever talk to yourself? I do. That's what this song is. Me to me. I hope this song resonates with a lot of people because that's always a trip and a useful way for music be BUT when I sit down to write, I'm usually doing it for me first.”

    Photo by Heinrich Prinsloo
    Background photo by Andreas Hornoff
  • source : Apple Music
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