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  • Valencia Grace Releases New Song “Skin”

  • London-based singer-songwriter Valencia Grace released a new song “Skin” on January 19, 2024.

    The song is the second single off of her upcoming debut EP, following the release of “Roses” last October.
    The track was written by Valencia Grace, and produced by Ash Workman and Glen Roberts.
    Valencia Grace said of the song, “I thought I'd explain to you guys what the song is about. Even though everyone gets what it's about which is actually crazy. And I'm like kind of sad about that but also like love you guys. And same. So I was in a therapy session. And I don't know sometimes I speak and I'm like a poet. So I was like pouring my heart and soul out to him. And he was like no no and then I was like oh yeah and I find it really difficult like getting closure from people because this skin is about it's about my biological mother. Who I didn't talk about often. Unless you come to my shows. Then you know other songs that are about her. Anyway Skin is also about her. And I was saying that I lacked a lot of closure with her and one thing that really helped me move on was the fact that it had literally at the time been seven years since we had spoken or seen each other real life. And so I was like oh so yeah I've like I haven't been seen by her, held by her, kissed by her, anything in seven years and you know there's a seven year rule. Every seven years your skin cells regenerates. And he was like that's so good you should write that down. And I was like okay Steve I will. So thank you to my therapist. So yeah that's where that's the meaning of the song and that's where that comes from. My skin is new 7 years on. And I, everyone's been saying how long they have left and stuff. That's my shower. Anyway, I love you guys and excited for this one to come out.”
  • The accompanying music visualiser was directed by Billy Cole Landers.
    Valencia Grace said of the video, “Shot the 'Skin' visualiser with my friends. We built a set in the living room. The whole thing is a literal jumpscare. There's a part of the video that's so sticky icky and I can't wait for you to see it. Artwork shot by billy landers on the second slide. (so so happy for this one to be out!!!) I love being provocative with my art and this video really proves it. More crazy shit to come.”
  • source : Apple Music
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