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  • Mal Not Bad Releases New Song “Dodgeball”

  • Los Angeles-based producer Mal Not Bad released a new song “Dodgeball” from their upcoming project on January 17, 2024.

    The song is the second single off the previous single “AP”, which was released last November.
    The new project is expected to be released later this year.
    The track was written and produced by Mal Hauser. The accompanying music video was co-directed by Mal Hauser and Seannie Bryan.
    Mal Not Bad said of the song, “'Dodgeball' feels like an extension of the song and music video 'Sports' from the previous EP. Both songs/videos have a serious, darker tone in the lyrics that contrast with lighter, more playful visuals and song titles.”
  • They continued, “At the time of writing ‘Dodgeball' I was struggling to learn how to love myself - the concept of dodgeball felt fitting to express that struggle where you feel like you are working on yourself and want to grow / feel good but keep dodging the main parts of you that are inflicting pain (like self hate) which prevents the growth from happening. For ‘Dodgeball' specifically, we discovered that the team captains could be thought of as two versions of the same person – the actual person themself and the part of them that hates. The teammates can be thought of the beautiful and uglier parts of you that you might develop and/or work on/with along the way.”

  • Photo by Jacob Boll
  • source : Apple Music
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