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  • The Vaccines Releases New Album “Pick-Up Full Of Pink Carnations”

  • London-based alt-rock band The Vaccines, consisting of Justin Hayward-Young (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Árni Árnason (bass), Timothy Lanham (keyboards) and Yoann Intonti (drums), released sixth studio album “Pick-Up Full Of Pink Carnations” on January 12, 2024.

    The album is their first body of work in three years since the 2021 album “Back in Love City”, and comprises a 10-track.
    Also, it marks the band's first release after the departure of co-founding member and guitarist Freddie Cowan, with former touring guitarist Timothy Lanham taking his place.
    The band recorded the album with producer Andrew Wells at his home studio in the Hollywood Hills in 2023.
    The album's title came from a misheard lyric from American singer-songwriter Don McLean's classic song “American Pie”.
    “It's about loss. And coming to terms with that loss - not necessarily grieving for it, but trying to get a new understanding of it,” the band frontman Justin Young said of the album. “I was living in LA while writing this record, and American Pie is a song about disillusionment with America and the American dream, and his feeling that something had died. I guess I was coming to terms with similar things - my understanding of what the real West Coast of America was, after growing up on a diet of American pop culture. That was all coming to a head as various relationships were ending. That was the seed of it. It's about the loss of dreams.”
  • Justin Young explained about some tracks for the album.

    “Sometimes, I Swear”
    “I don't think there are many places on the planet where I feel so at peace as sitting in my own home, but even there I constantly question my place in the world, I think the innate human need to be part of something – to connect with each other in a community or a congregation - is what keeps us driving forward and searching for meaning.
    It's something many of us struggle with on a daily basis, but I hope when people hear this song they'll feel less alone in that struggle.”

    “Heartbreak Kid”
    “There are two types of people in the world – people that have had their heart broken and people that haven't had their heart broken yet. 'Heartbreak Kid' is a call to arms, a reminder that in a world where too many of us feel too detached too often, facing your feelings head on can make you feel more alive, even if it feels like the world is ending. It's a song to keep you company on the busy freeway that connects loss to discovery.”

  • “Lunar Eclipse”
    “'Lunar Eclipse' was written on a trip to the Joshua Tree desert in May 2022. I like the idea of always being on an open road, but never really knowing if you're looking at the road ahead of you or just what's in the rear view mirror.
    I know that astrologists like to believe that eclipses are a life-altering time in which to seek change and evolution, but I'm far too cynical for that. Change is taking place all around us every day, whether we feel it or not. Sometimes it's terrifying, sometimes it's exciting, but it's always never-ending.”

    “Love to Walk Away”
    “Sometimes going into an album you know exactly what it is you want the music to do, and other times you're waiting for the music to tell you what to do. We knew we were ready to make another record, but it wasn't until we wrote 'Love To Walk Away' on the first day in the studio with [producer] Andrew [Wells] that we knew how it would sound and feel. So this is the song responsible for the album's direction, sonically and thematically. Given the album's central theme is not knowing what direction you're headed in, it feels poignant that the music was so sure of itself so quickly.”
  • source : Apple Music
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