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  • Cereus Bright Releases New Song “Pink Sky”

  • Knoxville-based indie-folk singer-songwriter Tyler Anthony, aka Cereus Bright released a new song “Pink Sky” on December 22, 2023 via Nettwerk.

    The song is the second single since the EP “Car Alarm”, which was released back in September, and will appear on his upcoming album.
    The track was written by Juan Solorzano, Matthew Pierce Chancey, Thad Kopec, and Tyler Anthony. Produced by Thad Kopec, Matthew Chancey, and Juan Solorzano.
    Tyler Anthony shared on social media, “One more new song to close out the year, Pink Sky! Warning: this isn't a Christmas song but it does feel like it belongs here at the end of the year. An invitation to let the passing of time be a warm embrace. Happy holidays to all you sweeties.”
    Tyler Anthony said of the song, “One of the more magical moments in each day is dusk - when day creeps into night. At its best, it's an invitation into slowing down, letting go of what has (and hasn't) been done, and drifting into a peaceful calm. Could every day end this way? What about life itself?”
  • He continued, “Entering my mid-thirties, time has become a bigger theme – how quickly it moves, how much pressure it applies. The passing of time feels intense and overwhelming. At my best, I'm able to repress the feeling of urgency, but still, it takes work.”
    The new album is expected to be released in 2024. It is his first album in three years since the 2021 album “Give Me Time”.
    Tyler Anthony said of the album, “Where my last record was very personal and intimate, I wanted this project to expand to bigger ideas. I attempted to take the mundane and make it abstract. When you put something familiar in an unfamiliar place, you see it differently. To get there, I explored more mythological and otherworldly ideas and sounds than ever before while trying to retain the core intimacy of songwriting that I've always strived for. I hope what we made is a perfect balance.”

  • Photo by Ross Bustin
  • source : Apple Music
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