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  • Tyler Del Pino Releases New EP “Out of a Clear Blue Sky”

  • Canadian singer-songwriter Tyler Del Pino released his third EP “Out of a Clear Blue Sky” on December 1, 2023.

    It is his first project in two years since the 2021 EP “In the End”.
    The EP comprises a 5-track, written by Tyler Del Pino and Tyler Wagar.
    The EP features a pure passion for songwriting and an honest sound infused with starry-eyed narratives; a hybrid of Rock-Pop, Americana, and East Coast folk-rock that stays true to the roots of timeless tunes.
    Tyler Del Pino said of the EP, “This whole record came from a pipedream idea two years ago to play live with a really big band that used a horn section. Fast forward to today where I've written enough songs for an EP's worth of material and I get to play live with some of the best people around. HUGE thank you to everyone who helped me put it together, feels good to finally get this collection of songs out into the world.”
  • “Slip Back in Time” via Front Porch Music
    “This song pays homage to classic artists from the 60's, 70's and 80's. It's all centred around my own personal record collection which is a staple of our household.
    While driving home one day I thought it'd be a really cool idea to build a song that referenced all my favourite records and from that “Slip Back In Time” was written. I wrote the song in a day and knew very quickly that it was an upbeat banger.
    I've been sitting with it for a while and knew it was a bit poppier than I usually go, but I loved the song and always envisioned it being a summer release so when it came time to begin releasing this record I thought it might be a good kick off song right before my summer tour out west.
    'Slip Back In Time' is the first taste of the big brass sound I've been experimenting with recently and I'm honestly just so happy to get it out there now.”

  • “Middle of Nowhere”
    “I wrote this song quite a few years ago and had completely forgotten about it . When I was choosing songs to record for this upcoming record I dug it out of the vault and decided to reimagine it with some updated production! The song is about continuously losing my various creative projects and feeling like I just couldn't get anything going, always having to start back at square one. It's a song of reflection and hope - looking towards the future anticipating what comes next!”

    “I wrote the song in a day, but it took like 12hrs haha. I remember wanting to get every line perfect, wanting the listener to be able to watch the story unfold in their own head. The protagonist of the story is loosely based off of my gf and her struggles through single motherhood. In the chorus I wanted the song to have a more global message and I leaned on the imagery of the proverbial jacket we all wear. You start out life with this new pristine jacket, but as you do some living it gets worn, torn and suddenly doesn't look as new as it once did. We all have a choice when our jackets tear - either perseverate on the fact that the jacket is no longer what it once was or we patch over the holes and move forward. Each patch has a different story attached to it and its the collection of these moments that tell our own lifes story. The hurdles we've had to overcome, the pain we've had to push through.”

    “The Solution”
    "The inspiration for 'The Solution' was born at a time when I found myself caught in a whirlwind of thought and contemplation, deeply concerned about the state of our world. With each passing year, I watch as our planet descends into a more hostile and precarious place to live. From the emergence of regular forest fires to the unsettling escalation of regional conflicts, the relentless rise in inflation, and the growing struggle of individuals to merely stay afloat, I couldn't help but wonder why our global society is hell-bent on maintaining its addiction to capitalism and yet so quick to forget about and dismiss humanity. Driving home one day I began questioning why, as a global community, we found it so challenging to prioritize the well-being of our fellow humans over the pursuit of prosperity. Most songs I write begin with the music and the melody, but this song actually started with the lyrics, because I had so much to say."

    Photo by Estevan Medina
  • source : Apple Music
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