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  • COBRA SPELL Releases Debut Album “666”

  • International heavy metal rock band COBRA SPELL, consisting of Sonia Anubis (guitar), Noelle dos Anjos (guitar), Kristina Vega (vocals), Hale Naphtha (drums) and Roxy Herrera (bass), released their debut album “666” on December 1, 2023.

    The album is their first release under their new label Napalm Records.
    The album comprises a 12-track, including preceding singles “The Devil Inside of Me”, “S.E.X.” and “Warrior From Hell”.
    The band recorded the album with producer Alejandro Gabasa Barco at Comeback Studios in Madrid, Spain in May 2023.
    The album is inspired by '80s rock sound, featuring writing contributions from Sonia N C Nusselder, and Sonia Anubis, and co-produced by Sonia Anubis.
    The band lead singer Kristina Vega told Female Fronted Power about the album in an interview, “What I can say is that COBRA SPELL is an extreme example of freedom of expression. The '666' album is exactly the same thing. A rebellious act of empowerment for women and freedom of expression in many, many ways. So '666' is like a big, big sign on the middle of a highway saying: 'STAY REBEL, STAY LOUD and DO WHAT YOU WANNA DO'.”
  • The band explained about some tracks for the album.

    “The Devil Inside of Me”
    “'The Devil Inside of Me' speaks about how a girl leaves aside a life oppressed by a religious upbringing. She decides to follow her own path by doing what really makes her happy in life, which is translated in passions that are not common in religious environments. Her family sees it as being troubled & lost - when in reality, she is just living her life freely as she is meant to. She owns her life. Her family distances themselves from her due to her choices. Sometimes, living a free life has a painfully expensive price.”

  • “S.E.X.”
    “This one speaks about a deep desire for sexual pleasure that manifests in different ways and forms, to fill an inner emotional void.”

    “Warrior From Hell”
    “This song is a true rock and roll banger! Apt for the very wildest souls, the ones with an untamed spirit. It's a manifestation of individuality and rebellion. Get in touch with your evil alter ego and unleash that warrior from hell!”

    “Love = Love” via Female Fronted Power
    “We live in a time where unfortunately not in all countries we can love freely. Being LGBTIQ+ in many countries is still a crime and this is a very sad reality we live in. So as you say, love sometimes brings hate and we have a lot of work to do as a society to change that. But we will, I'm sure.”

    “Love Crime” via Female Fronted Power
    “This song speaks about chasing someone that you are in love with! I am already taken by my boyfriend, hahaha. I would commit a love crime with him anytime, because I am not afraid to chase him with love. He won't get intimidated or tired of it as he likes my attention anyway!”

    Photo by Raquel Garcia
  • source : Apple Music
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