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  • James Blunt Releases New Album “Who We Used To Be”

  • British singer-songwriter James Blunt released the seventh studio album “Who We Used To Be” on October 27, 2023 via Atlantic Records.

    Also he released the album alongside Blunt's quasi-memoir “Loosely Based on a Made-Up Story”.
    It is his first album in four years since the 2019 album “Once Upon a Mind”.
    The album comprises 10-track (deluxe edition 14-track), produced by Jonny Coffer, Jack & Coke, Red Triangle, and Steve Robson.
    He wrote 90 songs for the album and ended up choosing 10 songs.
    James Blunt explained, “I have been writing this album since September 2022 putting it out now and in that time I've written maybe sort of 85 to 90 songs for what is really effectively a 10 song album. One of those songs that literally just almost made it to the album but not by a hair is a sing called 'Who it Used to B' and you know I love the song it didn't make the final grade but the title seem to make sense with all the and the kind of sense of nostalgia of the album and so yeah the album is called 'Who We Used To Be'.”

    James Blunt said of the album, “As the title 'Who We Used To Be' really throws back to that the time when I got into the music business as young man just left the army with some songs under my belt. And so many questions about the future of what I was going to do, who I was going to be, who I was going to meet and where it would take me. And I'm a little bit a little bit more adult now only a little, no much more grown up, but a little older.”
    He continued, “And so some of those questions have been answered, you know, I am now a musician and I'm still in the business. I've met the person who I'm gonna hopefully end up with. And at the same time that those questions have been answered, some more questions have come to the FL really when you reach a certain age and as your parents get older, and you have children your position in life changes your place in the world changes you even come not the person who just thinks for you about yourself and for yourself, but you have to start looking at other people, my parents or children my family generally.”
    He added, “And that's throws up its own questions. And so the album is about that nostalgia of the past where it's taken me now. The questions that have been answered, but the questions that have come along with it as well.”

  • “Beside You”
    “It's a bit of a celebration, an upbeat banger about finally being with the one you've been searching for your whole life.”

    “The Girl That Never Was”
    “'The Girl That Never Was' is a really special song for me on this album and you know it's about again the stage of life that I'm at where we've had as my wife and I aspirations and some of those we have achieved and are very grateful for and some of those we haven't and while we celebrate you know what we do have we struggle sometimes with the battles that we've lost and this is a song about that.”

    “Dark Thought”
    “'Dark Thought' is the song I always wanted to write for Carrie Fisher, but never got round to writing for her while she was alive. That's taken me a few years to write. It was about the moment I went back to her house after she had died and knocked on the gate. The 'Girl That Never Was' will speak for itself, it's a very sad song. But then there are some really sweet ones.”
  • source : Apple Music
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