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  • Griff Releases New EP “vert1go vol. 1”

  • British singer-songwriter Griff released a new EP “vert1go vol. 1” on October 20, 2023.

    The EP comprises 3-track, including her first Top 100 single on the UK Shngles chart song “Vertigo”, two new songs “Into The Walls” and “Into The Walls”. Produced by Griff, LOSTBOY, Sam Tsang and Siba.
    Griff shared on social media, “This collection of songs are fragile and insular and desperately heartbroken (as usual). I've been with these songs day in day out, letting them evolve and change.”
    She said of the EP, “All of these songs are me just trying to keep up with my own emotions and figure out what I'm thinking. I feel like I've written all of them from a place of feeling a bit upside down and a bit lost, which I think is a natural feeling when you're a young woman entering adulthood.”
  • Griff explained track-by-track for the EP.

    “Vertigo” via Dork
    “When someone leaves your life, you spend a lot of time asking if it was your fault. This song lists all those reasons why it could be, but it's also about trying to reassure yourself that there was nothing you could have done to make it better. With the way it crescendos, I've always heard it as a bit of an emotional rollercoaster.
    There's a darkness to 'Vertigo' that maybe I haven't tapped into as much before. It's still major, but there's something quite dark and moody about it too. It's the start of a new season for me, for sure. I've been writing a lot and trying to figure out what's right for me. We'll start with 'Vertigo' and see where we end up. We're going to be walking through it together, bit by bit.”

  • “Into The Walls” via People
    “I was on Zoom calls planning my BRITs performance. The song is about completely wanting to disappear and being jealous of the walls because they're still and stable.”

    “19th Hour” via People
    “The track is heartbreak in its most desperate form. When the words 'I love you' become completely meaningless, because there's so much mess between you both, and it's almost said as a last resort and as a bandage to plaster over the mess instead of actually meaning it, and something about that really hurts more.”
  • source : Apple Music
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