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  • Tkay Maidza Premieres New Song “Out Of Luck” featuring Lolo Zouaï & Amber Mark on BBC Radio 1

  • Australian singer-songwriter Tkay Maidza premiered a new song “Out Of Luck” on BBC Radio 1's Future Sounds with Jack Saunders.

    The song is the fourth single off of her upcoming sophomore album “Sweet Justice”, which is set to be released on November 3, 2023.
    This time, she teamed up with American singer-songwriters Lolo Zouaï and Amber Mark on the track.
    The track was written by Tkay Maidza, Laureen Rebeha Zouaï, Amber Mark, and Mathieu Jomphe Lépine. Produced by Billboard.
    Tkay Maidza told Jack Saunders, about the song, “It was really fun for me to make this song I was stuck in Berlin for like three months and on the week back from Berlin. I was working with new producers new everything. So it felt like one of those moments where I'm like, 'Can I do it? Okay, cool. I can do it.' Like I just went in by myself with Billboard, who's the producer and I felt like I have a lot to say like I was moving into a new chapter. And there was a lot of goodbyes. So this was like that moment where I was like, I'm gonna talk about how they missed out because they were telling me that I was missing out. It turns out that I'm actually fine. So it was like a good affirmation reaffirming women and it made even better having Lolo and Amber hop on they would were DMing each other and I was like, 'Look what was on the song do you want to be honest like Yeah', and I'm like wow, we have three girls on this is sick.”
  • She said of the collaboration with Lolo Zouaï and Amber Mark, “I've done internet friends with Lolo. Probably for like three years and we always are very supportive of each other. Last year, I went out partying and I dragged her out and she was like, 'What the hell like I didn't know you were wild.' Like we have to party more or make a song. So when I'm when I'm out of luck, I hit her up and I'm like, I think we finally have the perfect song. And she hopped on it straight away. I also charged so to speak French because I love when she saved her friends and Amber we have so many mutual friends and we haven't really like hung out for like a long period of time but every now and then at festival will be like 'Hey girl, what's up?' So that was also me just standing around. They're both really lovely people so it didn't feel like I was bothering anyone.”

  • The new album is first body of work in seven years since the 2016 debut album “Tkay”.
    The album comprises 14-track, featuring guest appearances from Lolo Zouaï, Amber Mark, Flume, and Duckwrth.
    Tkay Maidza said of the album, “It felt like every song that I made that was that made the final cut was me unlocking a new me every time and realizing that I can stuff work on myself and I have like that power within me to attract what I want and it's not always about voices from everywhere and here and there. So and like also the fun thing was the production like I felt like I could really work with people I really have always wanted to and it was a step forward from my last projects to.”

    Photo by Dana Trippe via NUEBO
  • source : BBC Radio 1
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