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  • The Bedside Morale Releases Debut Song “SafeWord”

  • Southwest-based indie-rock band The Bedside Morale released their debut song “SafeWord” on September 15, 2023.

    The band formed in 2014, consisting of Tim Kazer (vocals/guitar), Charlie Dowzell (lead guitar), Kynan Scott (bass) and T Coles (drums). Over the years different forms of musical and self expression were explored. Close to a decade of life experiences and musical adventures has resulted sincere rock music without limits.
    This time, the band recorded the song with producer Josh Gallop and explores the idea of escapism through nostalgia.
    The band lead singer Tim Kazer said of the song, “It reflects on the comfort but also the denial that people find hiding behind the rose tinted lense of their youth. We had so much fun putting this song together with our producer Josh Gallop and there are some really special moments which came out of the spontaneity of those sessions. This marks the first single for us as a band and we feel it showcases our intention and solidifies our style. Everyone should have a Safeword, here is ours.”
  • The accompanying music video was filmed by Kieran Gallop, who created a cinematic, reservoir dogs-esque music video.
    Tim Kazer said of the video, “Like most of my jokes, the fake blood ended up being a joke on myself and only myself. I got so swept up in making something that looked real that I forgot along the way that my mouth was the victim. The result was the most disgusting and disgusted I have been in my life. But it has come out looking great. Maybe too great at times. There's some truly brutal imagery in there. But then its offset by a group of people having a great day. I think that's what we wanted to represent. Humour in a horrible place. Kieran Gallop has done such an incredible job of creating exactly that, moments that make you smile and moments that make you wince. Anyway its great, the guys all gave stellar performances and i hope everyone dances away in their cars.”
  • source : Apple Music
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