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  • Noahfinnce Releases New Song “GROWING UP ON THE INTERNET”

  • British singer-songwriter Noah Finn Adams, aka Noahfinnce released a new song “GROWING UP ON THE INTERNET” on August 31, 2023 ahead of his recently announced UK And Ireland ‘Goopy Goopers Tour’.

    The song is the follow-up to “I KNOW BETTER”, which was released back in May.
    The track was written by NOAHFINNCE, Stefan Abingdon and Jamie Lenman. Produced by Stefan Abingdon.
    “I didn’t realise how much growing up so visible on the internet affected me,” Noahfinnce said of the song. “It took me finding a photo of a tattoo that some nonce got of me when I was 15 to think, ‘Oh, okay that was weird.’”
    The tour kicked off at Concorde 2 in Brighton on October 19, 2023. Blackout Problems and Lou will support the tour.
    Learn more about tour dates, here.
  • Noahfinnce shared about the song on social media, “I’ve never been more proud to release a song before, this one genuinely feels like it’s a BIG THING for me. I spent so much of my teenage years locked inside, isolating myself from everybody around me because I felt so uncomfortable within myself. Naturally I gravitated towards the internet because it was the only place I felt like I could be myself. And that was great. But it also wasn’t. I owe so much of the happiness in my life to the internet and you guys but I also owe a lot of unresolved feelings and quite harrowing experiences to my time on here. I only really started processing quite how bizarre growing up so visibly on the internet has been this past year and it’s been.. interesting.”

  • He continued, “Getting doxxed as a 16 year old, people starting accounts to out my “true gender”, my deadname, my parents name, where I went to school, a fully grown adult getting a picture of me as a child tattooed on himself - these are all things that I just got on with. I’m sure a lot of you guys have similar stories, probably not as dramatic as the ones I’ve just listed but I’m certain at least a few of you ended up on omegle unsupervised one night and lived to tell the tale.”

    Photo by Kitty Cowell
  • source : Apple Music
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