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  • Jamie Miller Announces New EP “The Things I Left Unsaid”, Shares New Song “No Matter What”

  • Los Angeles-based Welsh singer-songwriter Jamie Miller has announced his new EP “The Things I Left Unsaid” will be released on October 4, 2023.

    The EP comprises 6-track and is his first project under his new label BMG.
    Jamie Miller said of the EP, “This is an introduction to the real me,. I'm not just a major label pop star. I'm letting people into my life, being vulnerable, and getting into my truth. Some of the songs are uncomfortable for me. I'd ask, 'Am I being too open here?' That's how I knew I needed to keep going. I want everyone to hear the art and the struggle. It's not picture perfect, but it is honest.”
    From the EP, he released the second single called “No Matter What” along with a music video on August 9, 2023, following “Maybe Next Time.”
    The track was written by Jamie Miller, Alex Borel, Colin Foote and Jackson Foote. Produced by Colin Foote and Alex Borel.
  • Jamie Miller shared on social media, “This is a story that takes you through my life and my journey with never ever giving up on me no matter what. I hope you enjoy this and it brings some sort of happiness to your life.”
    He said of the song, “I was in the darkest headspace for most of 2022, but luckily I was able to surround myself with loved ones. Their constant support and encouragement was exactly what I needed, and a reminder that I'm too good to give up. I showed up for myself, even when I was at my lowest point, and I hope that this song can serve as a reminder that it gets easier.”

  • Jamie Miller shared on social media in a handwritten note, “I remember going to the studio so excited to write the concept 'No Matter What' now I was finally in a good place. I got to the studio and started reminiscing back on my life in 2022. I was severely depressed, lonely felt worthless and sadly got to a point where I didn't want to be here anymore because I felt like I was going to be like this forever and feeling like there was no way at.”
    He continued, “But having friends and family who consistently shaved up and taught and showed me that my life was too Special to give up (and therapy) was exactly what I needed. Sometimes in life you HAVE to hit rock bottom to realize all you need is exactly what you have in front of you, and that the dark days and heartbreak never last forever. you just have to Lave hard, Be a good person and Never give up, No Matter What.”

    Background photo by Drew Baker
  • source : Apple Music
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