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  • McKowski Announces Debut Solo Album “Notes From The Boneyard”, Shares New Song “Return of Pygmy Pony” featuring Howe Gelb

  • Irish musical duo The Lost Brothers' member and songwriter Mark McCausland lunched his solo project McKowski and announced his debut solo album “Notes From The Boneyard” would be released on September 15, 2023 via the Deltasonic Records.

    The album comprise 10-track, featuring guest musicianship from the likes of Steve Wickham (viola), Howe Gelb (guitar), Laura Mcafadden (cello), Dave Murphy (pedal steel), with St Francis Hotel also adding further elements of atmosphere and production.
    Mark McCausland said of the album, “For me the best stuff comes from that dance between good and evil, light and dark. It's a balancing act. This album started off as a small candle burning, the only bit of light in a vast dark cave. I needed to balance out the dark with some light. The spark of music was the seed, and this record is the first branch of the tree that grew from the fire. In the process I accidentally soundtracked my surroundings in real-time and ended up with this creation. I'm not sure exactly how I would describe it, but if my life was a movie, this would be the soundtrack.”
  • From the album, he released the second single called “Return of Pygmy Pony” on August 2, 2023, following “Lake” released back in June.
    He worked with American singer-songwriter Howe Gelb on the track.
    Originally, the song was feature in the 2022 indie film “Quantum Cowboys”, a rotoscoped time travel western starring Lily Gladstone and directed by Geoff Marslett.
    Howe Gelb said of the song, “'Return Of Pygmy Pony' treats and entreats the listener to become one with a western motif just miles above the Mexico border steeped into the dusty desert daunting of Southern Arizona while slowly rocking back and forth in a well worn slap of leather saddle as the rider tethers the lanyard attached to the leashed smaller horse tagging along semi happily behind.”

  • He continued, “Why? Because the rider's skull is a thermos and his brain sweats. Why? Because the punishing sun takes no prisoners and sizzles a belt buckle enough to seriously fry an egg. Why ? Because this is a land where no man belongs at the wrong time of day during the wrong season of the year. Why? It's too late to ask why, but to just know for the sake of historians and lineage alike that a great abundant of Irish cowboys settled it nicely here and begat extended families with their Mexican brides or grooms of their choosing and flourished beside the stately saguaro... and still do to this day.”
  • source : Apple Music
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