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  • Cat Janice Releases Debut Album “Modern Medicine”

  • American singer-songwriter Cat Janice released her debut album “Modern Medicine” on July 28, 2023 via Handwritten Records.

    The album is inspired by the artist's quest to embrace the full spectrum of human emotions and grant herself the permission to feel them fully. The music weaves together various themes, drawing from her personal struggles with a painful divorce, loss of a close friend, the sting of betrayal, the discovery of transformative love, and her ongoing battle with progressive cancer.
    The album comprises 9-track, produced by Cat Janice and Austin Bello.
    Cat Janice said, “It's finally here. And she's all yours. I hope you enjoy the ride. I spent a lot of time on this and every word means something. Should I put out stories about the songs? I'm so thankful to Austin Bello for his brilliant work and his wonderful friendship. Thank you to Handwritten Records for lifting me up over the last year while I battle cancer. Thank you to Tonal Graffiti for your fire touches. And thank you guys for giving me the love and support to get through this fight.”
  • She added, “I'm trained in multiple styles of music, I want to use all of it. I don't want to be defined by a genre. I want to create what I want, write about what I want, and sing in whatever style I want. If there's anything cancer taught me, it's that I need to just do what makes me happy. Because at the end of the day, your emotions through creativity is the only thing you'll be able to leave behind, so say what you want!”

    Cat Janice explained about some track for the album.

    “Chill the fck out”
    “I would say to myself 'chill the fck out' when I would stress about work or school. Then I finished the song while I was starting chemo and I would be stressed about going into that chapter of my life. “Chill the fck out” kind of became my mantra for getting through that time.”

  • “Who do you think you are”
    “I had just gotten back from spending hours in a basement studio, laughing and singing with him for a TikTok video. I got home and in an instant the song started coming to me. Falling in love that way is thrilling, scary, and borderline emotionally sedative. We joke about how whenever we are together now, we always feel tired and sleepy because of all of the happy hormones.”

    “Wishing I Was You”
    “Unfortunately the cancer has retuned. And it is on my lungs. It sucks but I am going to stay strong and keep biting. You know I found out a couple weeks ago and I have been processing and I have this song coming out which means a whole lot more to me now because I wasn't expecting to be here a year later, I was expecting to be done, but with that being said I haven't really promoted this song a whole lot and it would really mean the world to me. I wrote it about wishing I could be girl at the end of this and it's not the end. But I'm not done. I'm not done fighting.”

    “Let's NOT Be Friends”
    “So while I was breaking up with my wildly abusive ex husband, he would always say things like I'm sorry like let's be friends and all of this manipulative gaslighting BS and so I started singing this funny little ditty and I put it in song and it's like really fun.”
  • source : Apple Music
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