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  • PVRIS Releases New Album “EVERGREEN”

  • American rock band PVRIS released the fourth studio album “EVERGREEN” on July 14, 2023.

    It is their first album in three years since the 2020 album “Use Me”.
    Also, the album is the first release as lead singer Lynn Gunn solo project.
    The album comprises 11-track, produced by Carrie Karpinen, Cary Singer, Daniel Armbruster, JT Daly, Lynn Gunn, Matias Mora, Mike Shinoda and Y2K.
    Lynn Gunn described the album as a tug-of-war between two opposing modes and as “a reclamation of control in our post-pandemic culture, posing a complex discussion on fame, technology, spectacle, and female autonomy.”
    Lynn Gunn said, “If you search the definition of 'evergreen,' you will find words like: enduring, timeless, fresh, unlimited, and renewal. In our modern culture where everything is online, algorithm-based, and instantaneous, it feels like timelessness, longevity and connection could someday become dying concepts. More than ever, PVRIS has, and always will be anti-formula, anti-virality, and anti-instant gratification.”
    She continued, “It's not my job as an artist to cater to certain trends or people's nostalgia, I have to follow what I feel compelled to follow and do my best to uncover what truths and messages I can find within that. I have to always embrace the risks of change and trust that each stage of my music's life will resonate with whoever it's meant to.”
  • Lynn Gunn told DORK about the album in an interview, “To be completely honest, after 'Use Me' and within the pandemic, it really felt like this do-or-die moment. I knew I needed to either start over and leave this band where it was or take the leap and see what happens. I hope this record proves that PVRIS is more than what some people perceive it as. I don't want 'Evergreen' to just be the sort of record you put on when you're feeling sad. It absolutely can be that, but I want it playing when people are driving somewhere with their friends or getting ready for a night out. I want people to celebrate with it and feel good when listening to it. I want people to feel empowered.”
    She added, “It's a celebration of evolving with the times, trying to keep things exciting and staying true to yourself within that. The main ambition though is truly just to have fun and follow what feels exciting.”

  • Lynn Gunn explained about some tracks for the album.

    “There's been this resurgence in rock, but I wanted to flip that on its head and view it through this hyper-pop lens, which is also having a real moment. It was such a fun song to make. I think we can all relate to being our own worst enemy at times. It's about letting go of these things that often aren't the best thing for us.”
    “I think we can all relate to being our own worst enemy at times. It's about letting go of these things that often aren't the best thing for us.”

    “GODDESS” via DORK
    “It's a celebration of femininity, all shapes and forms, and a cathartic, guttural scream at the same time.”
    “Back then, we were in a world of band culture, and as a woman, I felt like I had to shrink myself as much as possible. I couldn't express my sexuality, and it felt like there was way more pressure as a woman to act a certain way.”

    “'Animal' is all about defiance, breaking free of control whether it's from other people, or from ourselves. It can even be looked at through a wider lens and interpreted as defiance towards “the man”, government, or the algorithms that run our lives, that “know us”. It's about challenging the identity the outside world chooses to give you. It's also a comment on fame and spectacle. I feel like we as a society are quick to dehumanise each other and hold people in fixed forms denying one another the opportunities to grow and evolve. I think this holds true especially those in any scale of a spotlight; artists, actors, influencers, models, athletes, politicians, etc… this can be true for personal relationships as well. We do each other a disservice by restricting one another to these metaphorical cages. 'ANIMAL' is about challenging that.”

    “TAKE MY NIRVANA” (produced by Y2k and Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda) via DORK
    “Y2k does a really great job of mixing things in production that you wouldn't think of combining and I love that innovation. He's (Mike Shinoda) an amazing producer and person. Linkin Park were a good combination of electronic music, hip-hop and rock, so it made sense to work with Mike because I do think, as different as the bands are sonically, there's a similar DNA between what Linkin Park did and what PVRIS is now.”

    “At its core, 'ANYWHERE BUT HERE' is about wanting to escape your surroundings. My whole life I've always found myself restless and eager to be somewhere else. I always imagine existing in different times and different places; everywhere and anywhere but where I am in the moment, even the good moments. I think a lot of us experience that to some degree, a longing to be somewhere or with someone you can't necessarily identify.”

    “EVERGREEN” via Wonderland Magazine
    “The title track was the first song I wrote for the album, it was the first inkling of like - what's going on in the world, what's going on in the industry, how do we consume things, why do we consume things the way that we do.”

    Photo by Photo by Matty Vogel
  • source : Apple Music
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