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  • Reneé Rapp Announces Debut Album, Shares New Song “Snow Angel”

  • American actress and singer-songwriter Reneé Rapp has announced her debut album “Snow Angel” will be released on August 18, 2023.

    The album comprises 12-track, produced by Alexander 23.
    From the album, she unveiled the title track on June 9, 2023.
    The track was written by Alexander Glantz and Reneé Rapp. Produced by Alexander 23.
    Reneé Rapp shared on social media, “My album was done. I had all the songs. I even had the lead single picked out, too. I spent 4 months writing nearly every day. I spit out all my concepts, all my ballads, my fuck you's and my I love you's. We rented out studios in jersey while I was filming mean girls and cried in damn near every studio in the valley. Fast forward may 8th probably 11pm. Alexander and I were supposed to be finishing vocals but we decided to try a Hail Mary.”
    She continued, “A little over a year ago I had a traumatic experience. I don't love to throw that word around lightly, so I understand the weight it holds. my last week in jersey I texted alexander that I wanted to write about it when I got home.”
  • She wrote, “I explained and recounted the situation in sessions with collaborators but it just wasn't sticking. Then, that night, may 8th he told me 'I really want to write that snow song. I think it's good, really good.' So, we stayed up. We wrote it that night and recorded it the next day. May 15th we sent it to my team. While I was prepping the previously decided single video, my manager Adam called me and told me to stop, and that we were changing everything. Other single was out, Snow Angel was in. They believed in the song as much as I did... that meant everything.”
    She added, “I have never been simultaneously so proud and scared of a song in my life. I'm very sarcastic and I make a lot of jokes, but this one is fucking different. This was all supposed to happen this way, and this was the song you were supposed to hear first.”

  • Photo by Katia Temkin
  • source : Apple Music
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