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  • Victoria Canal Premieres Two New Songs “Shape” & “She Walks In” on BBC Radio 1

  • Spanish-American singer-songwriter Victoria Canal released two new songs “Shape” and “She Walks In” on June 2, 2023.

    “Shape” received its first play during BBC Radio 1's Future Sounds with Clara Amfo.
    Two songs will appear on her upcoming EP, which is expected to be released this summer.
    Each song deals with themes of her body image and body dysmorphia.
    Both songs were written and produced by Victoria Canal. “Shape” was produced by Merrick Winter and Sam van Ommen. “She Walks In” was produced by Brian Joseph and Sean Carey.
    Victoria Canal said of the songs, “I've spent a lifetime comparing myself to other women, sizing up my body in comparison to theirs, when really there's an opportunity to hold hands with each other and make strides in reframing what it means to have a body, and what it does for us. I was so tired of being hard on my own body, and through this music I've really reached a place of acceptance and understanding, and hopefully solidarity with the people that hear it.”
    She continued, “I wrote 'Shape' and 'She Walks In' as sister songs. They're both about experiencing body dysmorphia and comparison: Shape is the lighter, playful side of wanting to accept my body, while She Walks In is the dark underbelly that reveals the disabled experience. It's the first time I'm writing about my body, so it feels vulnerable but important to me.”
  • Victoria Canal shared on social media, “I've never wanted my limb difference to be the focal point surrounding my artistry. I've always had a sort of allergic reaction to over-identifying with it. There's so much more about me that I've worked so hard to improve - my musical abilities, my personality, my intellect, my relationships - so that people might forget that I'm 'odd'. I've never had much say in being identified by it, though. When I was a teenager, proof that I was different in a bad way came from all sides being gagged at by boys I had a crush on; being asked to do a TV talent show using my 'pity story' as an angle (1 said no); even getting called a cripple by one of the most famous teenagers in the world at the time, at their meet & greet. Suffice to say, low self-esteem was a part of my experience.”

  • She continued, “Ultimately, whether I like it or not, my body is what people see, just like they might see a person's weight or skin color and define them by that. The magic is in how we respond to society's boxing us in - and in this season of my life, I've decided not to avoid it anymore. I'm deciding to take it into my own hand (lol) and write about it myself, on my terms. This is the first time I've written
    about my body. It's been so, so healing. On June 2, I'll be putting out two sister songs, 'Shape' and 'She Walks In', that dig deep into the experience of having a 'different' body. If you've ever dealt with body image issues, dysmorphia, comparison, disability, or just feeling different, this music is for you.”

    Photo by Karina Barberis
  • source : BBC Radio 1
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