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  • Militarie Gun Releases New Song “Will Logic”

  • American hardcore punk band Militarie Gun, consisting of Ian Shelton (vocals), Max Epstein (bass), Vince Nguyen (drums) , William Acuña (guitar) and Nick Cogan (guitar), released a new song “Will Logic” on May 23, 2023.

    The song is the third single off of their upcoming debut album “Life Under The Gun”, which is set to be released on June 23, 2023 via Loma Vista Recordings.
    The track received its first play during BBC Radio 1's Future Artists with Jack Saunders.
    It was written by Ian Shelton, Max Epstein, and Will Acuna. Produced by Taylor Young and Oliver Roman.
    The band frontman Ian Shelton said of the song in a statement, “'Will Logic' is meant to be pure spite, it’s the moment of realisation that someone is trying to take advantage of you and deciding you won’t allow it to happen. There’s some melancholy and fatigue in there, though ultimately it’s a desire for the world to be trustworthy.”
    The debut album comprises 12-track, produced Ian Shelton and Taylor Young.
  • Ian Shelton told Jack Saunders about the song, “Originally, I wanted to write a song like 'Sabotage'. I had just watched the Beastie Boys documentary, and he was saying that the whole thing was kind of just trying to antagonize his friend by kind of calling him names throughout the song, and I kind of started with that attitude towards our guitar player, we'll just as a joke, but then, I think the like a motion of this song that we had written kind of brought out like something actually vulnerable when it originally was meant to be more like a fun, sarcastic, and then I think that deep down it kind of was expressing a desire for the world to be trustworthy and to not have to be filled with spite.”

  • He continued, “Will is our guitar player who has he's never been in a band before this band. So there's like this really amazing naivete to him, like he kind of plugs in an equation that doesn't actually work, it's kind of like one plus two, equals like 15, like he really wants the most results without like, or he thinks that he can arrive at a result really quickly. And I wanted to call it 'Will Logic'. This nature of kind of saying like all you have to do is this, and this being the most difficult thing on earth. And so just seemed like a good jumping off point to kind of like mess with him.”
    He added, “I think the really good thing about starting from somewhere you think is light hearted you can kind of accidentally go somewhere a little bit deeper and find things that you didn't know that you were trying to say which I feel like is where we really ended up with a song like 'Will Logic'. I just was like, you think that you're playfully jabbing and then all of a sudden it uncovers some type of truth within you.”

    Photo by Daniel Topete
  • source : BBC Radio 1
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