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  • Alice Auer Releases New EP “Baby, Cry”

  • London-based singer-songwriter Alice Auer released her sophomore EP “Baby, Cry” on May 26, 2023.

    It is her first body of work in a year since the 2022 debut EP “Daydreaming”.
    The EP comprises 4-track, featuring a guest appearance from London-based producer Conor Albert.
    On the EP, she tackled themes of loss, pain, and masculinity from the female perspective with her experiences.
    Alice Auer said of the EP, “Writing and creating this ep was an incredibly vulnerable experience and I feel really lucky to have made it with James, Seth and Conor. such a special experience to share stories with friends to create music, thank you boys for all your support and help. baby, cry ep explores love, grief, emotion and so much more and each song stems from a really personal experiences.”
  • Alice Auer explained track-by-track for the EP.

    “Greek Street”
    “I wrote 'Greek Street' in a day with my lovely friend and very talented musician/producer, James Smith. Story wise, Greek Street was inspired by the first date my boyfriend and I went on together, at Jazz After Dark in Soho, London. I wanted to create some contrast in the song emotionally and musically, so we wrote the lyrics from the perspective of someone who had that relationship, that experience, that romance - but lost it and longs to have it back. We then took the bones of the song to Conor and let him work his magic.”

    “I started this idea (sadly) with some personal inspiration after I got feelings for a boy who already had a girlfriend. Although being told he would break up with her, that's not quite how the story ends. On reflection, this was a lucky break, and that's what I wanted the song to say, that I don't miss him anymore! I really enjoyed writing this song with my wonderful friend and very talented musician/producer Seth Tackaberry. It was a lot of fun, and definitely a new songwriting style for both of us. We then took it to Conor Albert, who worked some more of his magic, and we're lucky enough to have Conor feature on this track.”

  • “Baby, Cry”
    “This was the first song I wrote with my friend, producer and songwriter - James Smith. We wrote it in one session, and we both instantly fell in love with it. It's rare when you write a song and know right away that it's 'the one'. This song was written for my dad who grew up in between care before being adopted, and because of this difficult childhood, he rarely shows any sad emotions. The song is meant to be an ode to any people who find it hard to let their emotions go. The lyrics 'If you'd just let go of the tears in your eyes, you might be able to look into mine' - is a way to let people know it's okay to show vulnerability and in lots of instances that can make you stronger.”

    “I Feel Sad”
    “I started writing this song one afternoon after feeling frustrated about not being able to come up with any lyrics to describe the grief I was feeling after losing my auntie. I thought to myself, how do I feel… and that was - just sad, that was the overwhelming feeling, which may sound obvious, but grief is just strange and hits in confusing ways. I took the song to my friend and very talented musician and producer Seth Tackaberry, who acted almost like a therapist during our sessions, and helped me finish the song and make it what it is. I really wanted it to be simple, to keep it vulnerable and let the lyrics and story come through.”

    Photo by Harvey Pearson
  • source : Apple Music
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