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  • Lola Young Premieres New Song “Revolve Around You” on BBC Radio 1

  • South London-based singer-songwriter Lola Young premiered a new song “Revolve Around You” on BBC Radio 1 Future Sounds with Jack Saunders.

    The song is the final promotional single from her upcoming project “My Mind Wanders and Sometimes Leaves Completely”, which is out this Friday (May 26th).
    The track was written by Lola Young, Jim-E Stack, and Eli Teplin. Produced by Jim-E Stack and Cass Lowe.
    Lola Young said of the song, “It's a beautiful, heartfelt record about the fact that I'm pissed off that someone has made my life revolve around them.”
    Lola Young told Jack Saunders, “I was an amazing producer when we start on basically recording studio and I found myself. I found myself thinking about a relationship that I was in that was basically about me feeling insecure a lot of the time in this relationship and expressing that like through kind of projecting so obviously, in the story. It's like, I'm not easy to learn. I wish I was like I know you love the kind of guy that he's healthy and washes the dishes up. And it was basically like about me kind of projecting my insecurities onto this other person and then going away everything you do. Everything I do is starting to revolve around you nothing that I do or say or feel towards this person is going to affect like their light and how I view them. So it was a really beautiful experience writing it recording it and I feel like I've got a lot out on record so I'm really happy that it was.”
  • She continued, “I mean is like when I write songs, I always kind of take it from obviously things have actually happened to me. In this instance, obviously it was as well. No one actually said you don't want to write in pop music like no one, but that's why I wrote down and record. I've been in relationships, like you're never gonna get that. You're never gonna be what you think you're going to be. For me like it's quite a music as my whole existence in my whole life. My ego was definitely like a true statement for sure.”
  • source : BBC Radio 1
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