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  • Eric Dash Releases New Song “Everything Is Nothing”

  • Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Eric Friedman, aka Eric Dash released the second single called “Everything Is Nothing” from his upcoming album on May 19, 2023.

    The track was written and produced by Eric Friedman with production by Patrick Taylor.
    He wrote the song about his family, and his dog “Lola”, who died on January 5, 2023 at the age of 7.
    Eric Dash said of the song, “This song is something else. This whole album is as well and every song tells a story which is so personal, it's palpable. This one is about my family, especially momma, and friends and Lola. You need your loved ones by your side in order to make the journey worth it. Otherwise, you may wake up one day and say, 'where the hell am I?' I had that moment a bunch of times for sure.”
    The cover photo was taken the day before he found out she (Lola) had an aggressive cancer.
    He shared, “I've posted this photo before. I didn't plan on this being the cover... But when Dalton Latham sent back this option, I said now how can I not? For my little girl.”
    The new album is expected to be released in August.
  • Eric Dash shared about his dog Lola on social media.
    “She's gone. My baby is gone. My little angel. My sweet girl. My Lola… she was gone yesterday, Jan 5th at 4:30 pm. I'm not in my body at the moment. I'm going to tell you about the good. The wonderful. And then there will be a break in the text and I caution you, don't read if you don't want to know the bad… I'm releasing this into the universe. The whole story because it's all I can convey of my love for her. There's no way to tell it.

    Lola saved me. She was born 1.28.16. When I met her, she wasn't the puppy that ran straight up to me. I saw her though. She just looked at me. She was the second one I met. It took her a second to come over. Stubborn girl from the beginning. Always took me calling her a couple times so she knew I actually wanted her there and I wasn't just saying her name for the sake of saying it out of love or just to hear it because it had a ring to it. Right when I held her, I knew. I went on a trip, read 'How To Raise The Perfect Dog' by Caesar Milan and picked her up on March 28th 2016.

    She was so easy. She'd snuggle in my arm. Sleep on my head and corners of my body as well as with her head in my shoe (yes that little). She'd rip apart every piece of paper she could find and loved sticks from being released from the womb. Thou shalt be a Frenchie and thou shalt love sticks. Every day with her was a blessing. Chicken and love and walks and playing. We would run through the house non stop with zoomys. Up and down the stairs. Up and down. So many vacations. She was a comically spoiled dog in Aspen living in luxury. She would go everywhere with me. I wouldn't go without her. Day trips to Venice. Or to anywhere for that matter. Plus 1 to dinners and parties and weddings. Everywhere. I cooked for her. I loved cooking and having her at my feet. She loved everything and everyone and would befriend a bug or boa constrictor. So many videos with her chasing squirrels and if she actually caught one, I know she'd just stop and sniff and then eventually do a rare bark which made it so damn cute.”

    Photo by Catie Laffoon
  • source : Apple Music
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