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  • TheFatRat Releases New Song “Hunger”

  • German DJ Christian F J Büttner, aka TheFatRat released a new song “Hunger” on May 10, 2023.

    The song continues the story of two siblings living under dire circumstances in the slums of a futuristic city which began in “Out Of The Rain” Shiah Maisel released last month.
    TheFatRat said of the song, “While the first Chapter 'Out Of The Rain' established the story's setting, 'Hunger' shows the main characters and their relationship.”
    He continued, “I grew up listening almost exclusively to classical music until I was 10 years old. Works from Mozart and Beethoven are much more complex than today's music, which I always found inspiring. And with 'Hunger' I wanted to bring some of that complexity into a modern electronic song.”
  • The track is inspired by the Manila trash mountains, where children and their families live in the fuming, malodorous and often poisonous trash.
    “This really hit me hard,” TheFatRat said. “After seeing sad and helpless children and even babies crawling in the trash, I knew I wanted to help.”
    TheFatRat paired up with the Purple Community Fund to help children in Manila to get education.
    The song supports the Purple Community Fund in the Philippines and all proceeds of the song will go to PCF.
    Also, you can donate here,

  • “We all know that the disparity between rich and poor is a huge problem,” TheFatRat said. “While we certainly need solutions on a political level, each and every one of us needs to help to solve that problem right now. Donating all revenue from “Hunger” to the Purple Community Fund is a start for me to better the lives of the poorest people in the world and to help as many children as possible to get education and improve their families’ lives.”
  • source : Apple Music
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