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  • Bury Mia Releases New Song “Daddy Issues...”

  • Denver-based pop-punk band Bury Mia, consisting of Justin O’Neal (vocals/guitar), Devin Martinez (bass/vocals), Stevan Alt (guitar), and Marcus Allen-Hille (drums), released a new song “Daddy Issues...” on April 28, 2023.

    The song is the second single of 2023, following “We've Been Trying To Reach You About Your Car's Extended Warranty”, which was released back in February.
    The band recorded the song with producer Andrew Berlin at CO's legendary The Blasting Room.
    The band bassist Devin Martinez said of the song, “The heart of this song stems from my childhood or lack thereof. I had a lot of home problems when I was growing up. This song is directed at that person who is in and out of your life and really stems from me coming to terms with the fact that that person will never be back in my life. The pre-chorus to this song is sort of a wish that I would have. A wish that they would leave a note or let me know they would not be back. For me, that never came to be. They would leave and return years later, just to cause havoc and that is why the chorus is exaggerated with the word 'Liar'. That individual in my life couldn’t commit to anything, including the title of Father. Thanks for listening and hope you enjoy 'Daddy Issues'”.
  • Photo by Morgan Elizabeth
  • source : Apple Music
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