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  • LYLVC Drops New Music Video for “Into Nothing”

  • North Carolina-based rock band LYLVC, consisting of Alyse Zavala (vocals), Oscar Romero (vocals), Cameron Gillette (keyboard), Seth Morgan (guitar), Kenneth Kaval (bass) and Ryan Powell (drums), has dropped a new music video for “Into Nothing” directed by Scott Hansen.

    The song id featured on their debut EP “Perfect Drug”, which was released back in January.
    The track was written by Alyse Zavala, Oscar Romero, Cameron Gillette, Seth Morgan, Kenneth Kaval and Ryan Powell. Produced by Mike Plotnikoff and Joe Rickard.
    Co-lead vocalist Alyse Zavala told Outburn Magazine about the video, “I wanted to create the idea of an underground circus that provides the ‘service’ of allowing people to sign up for dangerous games of life or death. Survive the knives in the spinning wheel of death, hang from hooks, play with fire, perform dangerous stunts, etc.”
  • She said of the song, “You know how some people feel numb so they try to seek dangerous thrills or highs to feel something…anything? I wrote this song about the people who take it a little bit too far. The highs no longer last or ‘scratch that itch”’ so they have to keep getting more and more dangerous just to feel something. How do you know when you’ve gone too far? When you’re taking your last few breaths broken and laying near a creek somewhere?”

  • Photo by Jeremy Saffer
  • source : Apple Music
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