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  • JP Saxe Releases New Song “I Don't Miss You”

  • Canadian singer-songwriter JP Saxe released a new song “I Don't Miss You” along with a music video on April 7, 2023.

    The song is the follow-up to the collaborative song “Moderación (Con Camilo)” with Colombian singer-songwriter Camilo.
    The track was written by JP Saxe, John Mayer and James Ho. Produce by Malay. The accompanying video was directed by JP Saxe.
    Also, American guitarist John Mayer played the guitar on the track.
    JP Saxe said of the song, “‘I Don’t Miss You’ is me trying to lie to myself about my feelings - how I distract myself from them, how I compartmentalize them, and how I ultimately lose to them. My guiding principle in my songwriting is ‘am I’m telling the truth’, so a song that’s lying to itself may seem a tad antithetical, but the truth is, trying to hide from how I feel about people is a common and futile adventure inside my head, and I’m excited for this song to bring people into that with me.”
  • JP Saxe shared on social media, “'I don't miss you. I just think about you all the time' that's a lyric in my new song 'I don't miss you' and it's an inherently absurd thing to say. It's a lie. It's a lie i'm telling myself. And because when we make songs we get to make a bunch of art out of those songs I made a bunch of art based on the way I think we lie to ourselves. And here are the 5 ways that I think we lie to ourselves the most commonly. There are social media, sex and other people, drugs and alcohol, work/productivity, and numbness/sleep. So we have these 5 rooms that represent those 5 ideas and I'm excited to explore with you. The ways that I think that we lie to and hide from ourselves with my new song 'I don't miss you'. I just think about you all the time.”
  • source : Apple Music
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