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  • Sarina Releases New Song “Melancholy Roads (No More)”

  • Tokyo-based alt-pop singer-songwriter Sarina released a new song “Melancholy Roads (No More)” on March 17, 2023.

    The song is a sequel to “憂鬱な道 (Melancholy Roads)” released back in January, but is a counterpoint to the previous song both thematically.
    “憂鬱な道 (Melancholy Roads)” was written in Japanese with the intention of following one's dreams, but “Melancholy Roads (No More)” with lyrics written fully English, realizing no one is alone on this journey after all.
    The accompanying music video was directed by Terutaka Okura.
    Sarina said of the song, “Our dreams can be isolating, but they can also lead us to like-minded friends and a supportive community. For a long time, I convinced myself that my passion for work was all I needed—that if I held on to my dream, I could handle being lonely or afraid. 'Melancholy Roads (No More)' is the culmination of the years of my isolation and my growth as a person to recognize the loving people in my life. Whether it be my family or friends or followers, I am not alone, and neither are you.”
  • She added, “It's about opening your eyes and recognizing community, family and friendship after years of self isolation, based on my own experience. For a long time, I let my dreams, my ambition, be my only companion, but I think there is a strength that comes from confronting our darkness and making a conscious decision to say 'I am more than this, and I am not alone.' and I hope to share this message with others who are struggling or have struggled with this too.”

  • Sarina was born in Hawaii in 2002 to a Japanese father and Lebanese mother. Currently, she is based in Tokyo in Japan.
    On April 1, 2022, she released her debut single “Identity”.
    Prior to her debut, Sarina also participated as part of a vocal unit in “The Song of Triangle Strategy,” the theme song for Square Enix's new RPG “Triangle Strategy”, which was produced by composer Akira Senju.
  • source : Apple Music
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