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  • Emilia Tarrant Releases New EP “When It Was Chaotic”

  • Winchester-based singer-songwriter Emilia Tarrant released her second EP “When It Was Chaotic” along with a new music video for “Another Life” on March 17, 2023.

    It is her first project in two yeas since the 2021 debut EP “Honeymoon Phase”.
    The EP comprises 5-track, produced by Dominic Liu, Sean Mcdonagh, Charlie Thomas, Joe Mutton, Will Hicks and Emilia Tarrant.
    Emilia Tarrant shared on social media, “I'm over the moon. 'When It Was Chaotic' EP has been in the making for 2 years, is a collection of 5 individual topic songs, and has blossomed into such an emotional coming of age project for me.”
    She continued, “All my songwriting is true from the heart and mind, a way of me escaping from the daily stresses of life.”
    The accompanying video for“Another Life” was directed by Ethan Trimby, who filmed in the renowned KONK Studios.
    After the release of the EP, she is working on her upcoming debut album, which is expected to be released later this year.
  • Emilia Tarrant explained track-by-track for the EP.

    “Slow Motion”
    “I am over the moon to be releasing my new single 'Slow Motion'! This was a song that came from a really tough and personal experience, but has turned into something super special and I believe, relatable for a lot of people.
    It is hard to admit to ourselves that a relationship could be near the end of the road, especially when it seems to be completely perfect, apart from one defining element. I wrote 'Slow Motion' about this slow deterioration, and how we 'dance around the situation' to ignore this feeling of complete helplessness. My favourite lyric has to be 'we're lying in bed, like parallel lines'; it sums up this feeling for me, of being so close to your partner, yet too far across the line to go back to the way it used to be.
    There's always hope in the way we hang on though, so why hesitate to say 'I love you'?”

  • “Best Friend Heartbreak”
    “This is probably the rawest song for me that I've released to date. I'm not going to lie, it's pretty sad...! It's a story I've been trying to write about and get off my chest for a couple years now, and then 'Best Friend Heartbreak' came along. It's not often you hear songs about friend breakups, but as such a relatable subject, there should definitely be more. It perfectly captures the pain I felt after losing a friendship and how much I miss them still! It turned into a letter to myself too; as someone who hates giving up on anything, especially people, the lyric “Em just give up” is a phrase that I tend to want to scream at myself over and over again. Anyway, these lyrics, the emotion, and the production too, feel very 'me', and I'm so proud of what Charlie, Joe and I created.
    The music video for 'Best Friend Heartbreak' has to be my favourite. The inspiration came to me almost as soon as I wrote the song, and turned out exactly how I had imagined. Tom Knibbs (director) and I really wanted to convey the raw emotion through the colouring and underwater visuals especially, creating a sense of suffocation. The way the video flows, perfectly captures the desperation of the lyrics and power of the song's production too. I think we achieved this pretty well considering how cold the pool was! Silly me thought it was a sensible idea to shoot it in January and we were shivering for hours after... The things we do for the creative, huh! Don't try this at home kids...”

    “Same For Me”
    “Someone very close to my heart inspired me to write 'Same For Me'. The song is about supporting the ones you love at their lowest moments, even by taking on the simplest of errands, and knowing that they'd do the same for you. My person has constantly done this for me, and that is something I'll forever be grateful for. The idea for the music video came from the first lyric of the song: 'I wake you up with a coffee',” she shares. “The director and I had a lot of fun shooting this one, although it was definitely more technical than it looks!”

    “Another Life”
    “Now this one is juicy! I wrote 'Another Life' after seeing my ex for the first time in 3 years, and man, it was a weird experience. A lot of mixed emotions arose when I saw him; it was so comforting yet so awkward, so relieving yet so sad, and I felt so close to him yet so distant. It brewed at the back of my mind for a while, and then 'Another Life' was written! I didn't get a lot of initial closure when we broke up, and ended up feeling like a fool, as at the time the relationship felt good from my side. So we based the song on all of the 'what ifs?'. What if we tried harder to keep the relationship going? What if we had met each other later in life? And so on. Closure comes in all shapes and sizes, and no, some questions won't ever be answered, but I think we can all relate to asking ourselves, 'what if?'”

    “When It Was Chaotic”
    “I am absolutely buzzing to be releasing 'When It Was Chaotic'! I wrote the song in a period of my life when I had continuous writer's block. At the time I was so consumed by the chaos of my mental health, and on the other hand, how it continuously numbed my mind. As someone who writes songs based on how I feel, there is nothing worse than feeling numb and having nothing to write about… So ironically, I wrote a song about not being able to write songs! I think a lot of people who struggle with mental health day to day can understand how feeling something, even if it's uncontrollable and endless, is better than feeling completely functionless. This song really captures the direction of production and songwriting I'm going for this year, and with help from producer Will Hicks, we have developed it from a slow piano ballad into something much more energetic and exciting.”

    Photo by Ethan Trimby
  • source : Apple Music
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