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  • Cub Sport Releases New Song “Songs About It”

  • Australian pop band Cub Sport, consisting of Zoe Davis (vocals/guitar/keyboards), Tim Nelson (vocals/guitar/keyboards), Sam Netterfield (keyboards) and Dan Puusaari (drums), released a new song “Songs About It” on March 2, 2023.

    The song is the fourth single off of their upcoming fifth studio album “Jesus At The Gay Bar”, which is set to be released on April 7, 2023.
    It was written by Tim Nelson, Natalie Dunn and Kaelyn Behr. Produced by Styalz Fuego.
    The track is about getting stuck in a moment of hedonistic, split-second joy and memorialising it in the form of pure pop.
    The band said of the song, “We're super happy to be sharing 'Songs About It' with the world! It feels so good to venture further into this euphoric new era and going by the reaction at festivals so far, this one has big fan favourite energy.”
  • The new album comprises 10-track, featuring guest appearances from Shamir and Mallrat.
    It is their first album in three years since the 2020 album “LIKE NIRVANA”.
    The album is about moving forward unencumbered. “There's a lot from my life before I came out that has always been shrouded in shame, fear and secrecy. But it doesn't have to be a secret anymore, and I feel like I can really shine a light on the magic of it and recognise and celebrate it for what it was and is,” Tim Nelson said of the album. “A lot of this album is validating my younger self – like if I could have heard some of these songs back then, I might have found some peace within myself sooner, maybe even celebration.”

  • The album is inspired by time spent in private, communing with nature and relaxing with friends and family.
    Tim Nelson said, “I was so familiar with getting my joy and happiness from playing shows. I had to learn to find joy elsewhere. And that kind of lead to me wanting to make music that gave me that energy, and that at its core, felt uplifting.”
    Tim Nelson continued, “I think that's the beauty of writing honestly about my own life – it all fits together and reveals a little bit more of this greater sto
    ry that's still playing out, from an ever-evolving perspective but with the same heart. We have the self-appointed freedom to evolve and change and I think that's why, five albums in, it still feels exciting.”

    Photo by Mia Rankin
  • source : Apple Music
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