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  • Sam Casey Releases New EP “More Songs About Weed And Toxic Relationships”

  • Toronto-based singer-songwriter Sam Casey released her sophomore EP “More Songs About Weed And Toxic Relationships” along with a new music video for “Stupid Bitch” on February 24, 2023.

    It is first project since the 2022 debut EP “New Company”.
    The EP comprises 6-track, written by Samantha Casey, Michael Schlosser, and Chloe Jones. Produced by Mike Schlosser.
    Sam Casey said of the EP, “My role as an artist is to say the difficult things and to be honest about the unattractive qualities in myself and, in turn, this hopefully may slowly minimize the fears of my listeners. If we can be honest about our identity and even allow ourselves to feel shame about certain aspects of ourselves, then we can accept that shame for what it is and move on. We can be more accepting of ourselves and others.”
  • Sam Casey explained about some tracks for the EP.

    “Stupid Bitch”
    “Performing this song has taught me so much about what being an artist really means and the impact you can make on people. Stupid Bitch gave me the opportunity to let the crowd see a different side of me, an angry and emotionally expressive side….and they ATE THAT SHIT UP. I think the ability to relate to this song is almost universal. We all have people that we truly let our guards down around and those that we don't. This helps me during live performances because the audience can partake in the rage. They can finally say f**k you to that person by screaming out that they were a stupid bitch for staying with them….and that is okay, WE ARE ALL STUPID BITCHES SOMETIMES.”

  • “I'm Fricking Sam”
    “I'm Fricking Sam is the real me introducing myself to the world. I can do the soft ballad, but it's not WHO I AM. This is. I'm Fricking Sam talks about the pressures of any young adult who has recently left their safety net. It's about dating the wrong guy, choosing the wrong friends, and learning about yourself through these negative experiences. I'm Fricking Sam illustrates the experience of being wanted/adored for what you can do for someone rather than who you really are. It also discusses the vices that we may fall back on when discovering these ugly realities for the first time. I'm Fricking Sam is a self-love anthem for those who have decided to say 'screw it' and let their freak flag fly. Lord knows I did and it tastes like freaking freedom.”

    “Good Fight”
    "Good Fight elicits a contrast of emotions. The song depicts the daily struggle of uncertainty in one's life and mirrors my (at times difficult) journey through the music industry. The song also illustrates a part of me that won't let these bouts of mental illness derail me. As long as this song makes people feel something, then I am happy. What they feel will be dependent on their own life experiences. I am eager to hear how this new version of the song hits different listeners!”
  • source : Apple Music
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