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  • Jessie Murph Releases Debut Mixtape “drowning”: Streaming

  • American alt-pop singer-songwriter Jessie Murph released her highly-anticipated debut mixtape “drowning” on February 10, 2023.

    The mixtape features 11-track, produced by Alex Hope, Chris Allgood, Gabe Simon, Ian Fitchuk, Jeff “Gitty” Gitelman, Jenna Andrews, Josh Kerr, Julian Cruz, Mr. Franks, Nami, NoiseClub, SethInTheKitchen, Stephen Kirk, Steve Rusch and WYNNE.
    “I write these songs so I can listen to them later,” she said of the mixtape. “Often, I'll think, 'Damn, I don't know of a song that explains what I'm going through right now, but I want to listen to one'. Then, I'll make a song that does what I need.”
    She continued, “I don't ever want to burden others with my problems, so everything comes out in the songs. By sharing my music, I've realized a lot of other people go through the same things. I'm able to be honest about the shit I go through and telling my story knowing it could help them and give them maybe a little peace.”
  • She shared on social media, “This project is a culmination of some of the darkest moments I’ve experienced in my 18 years of living, y’all have been so loving and accepting of me talking about some of these things in my songs and it has made me feel so much less alone, sometimes people will come up to me crying saying that I saved them, 9/10 times I start crying as well because y’all save me EVERY DAY. I could not be more grateful for the community/Safe space we’ve built together, I’m beyond excited for this year and I love yall to the moon n back 💫”

  • Jessie Murph explained track-by-track for the mixtape.

    “Where Do You Go”
    “‘Where Do You Go’ is by far my favorite song of the project. I wrote it about where do you go when that fucking darkness or just overwhelming sense of being alone doesn’t go away. Cause ya’ll know when you’re going through it or you’re depressed or whatever sometimes there’s things you can do to like help or fix it or fucking I don’t know, hang out with friends, you drink, drugs like whatever the fuck, I hit a point where none of that was helping and that was a scary time for me because in a sense I felt like there was nowhere to go except the obvious choice.”

    “What Happened to Ryan”
    “I wrote ‘What Happened to Ryan’ about losing somebody you love to addiction. It’s something I’ve seen a lot in my life with multiple people, and it’s a song that needed to be wrote because it’s very fucking real. There’s nothing I can really say that’s gonna say more than the song already says.”

    “They Leave”
    “It’s based off of Jolene, the melody is anyways. I love Dolly Parton and I’m super inspired by her. It comes from a place of me having abandonment issues obviously. I don’t want to talk too much about that because I’m not a little bitch, but in that song I am and I’m fully admitting it.”

    “About You”
    “First thing about ‘About You’ it is the oldest song on the project. I wrote it when I was like 15 or 16 it was like a long ass time ago. You can also tell with the lyrics I sound absolutely insane in that song.”

    “If I Died Last Night”
    “I wrote ‘If I Died Last Night’ because I have a lot of impending doom. I have a deep rooted fear, and just feeling that life is coming to an end a lot and that’s a horrible feeling to have. So I wrote ‘If I Died Last Night’ about that and pretty much like what the person I wrote it about how they would react if that happened, just sick and fucked.”

    “While You're At It”
    “I did write a lot of these songs about the same bitch and the same situations, and they just came out in different songs. They are all about the same dude and it’s a heartbreak song.”

    “How Could You”
    “I’m not going to sit here and explain what the song is about because first of all like we all fucking know what it’s about, and that’s not something I’m comfortable talking about at all. I just now got to where I could talk to a therapist about it, and I do think that the reason I wrote this song is because I couldn’t talk about it. I was too scared to talk about it, and that reason hasn’t gone away.”

    “Drunk in the Bathtub”
    “The night before I wrote this one I was in a hotel in Nashville and me and my friend were drinking and we had these people over and I was in a really really dark place at the time, but they all wanted to go out and stuff which as they should, and I was just like I’m tired like I think I’m gonna stay back but I was like not ok. So, they left and I went into the bathroom, and I was just really really tired, and I was gonna drown myself. But then the hotel didn’t have a plug for the bathtub. So I didn’t obviously which go me, I’m super glad I didn’t. But I woke up the next day hungover and still depressed.”

    “It’s so important to me to be open and vocal about everything I’m going through. I always want to be honest with my fans and provide them with an outlet and music that they can relate to so they never feel alone. I’m so grateful for this community we’re all building together.”

    “I Would've”
    “‘I Would’ve’ came from a place of I would’ve loved you, you know? I wrote it about somebody that I would’ve loved but they gave up and you know what I actually wouldn’t have loved them because too much had already gone down, but so i was kinda just lying, but that’s what I was feeling at the time. Adn as far as the verses in the song go if you’ve listened you can tell that they’re a little bit extra aggressive. Adn that’s from all the anger that I was just like fucking holding onto about them leaving and also all the shit that had went down and the fact that they didn’t seem to care I think.”
  • source : Apple Music
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