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  • The Bayonets Returns With Two New Songs “Argentina” & “Post Apacalypso”

  • Los Angeles-based rock band The Bayonets, consisting of Brian Ray (guitar), Oliver Leiber (bass) and Lucrecia López Sanz (drums), returned with two new songs “Argentina” and “Post Apacalypso” on February 10, 2023.

    It is their first music in eight years since the 2015 “Christmas Time Is Cruel”.
    Both songs were written and produced by Oliver Leiber and Brian Ray.
    Brian Ray explained how starting the band, “The Bayonets was started by my friend Oliver Leiber, the son of Jerry Leiber of Leiber and Stroller fame. His father famously wrote 'Jailhouse Rock', 'The Boardwalk', 'Hound Dog', 'Poison Ivy', 'Stand By Me'...Anyway, the apple didn't fall far from the talent tree with Oliver, and he's been my favorite collaborator and best friend for some twenty years now.”
  • He continued, “When it came time to write some more solo music of mine, Oliver said 'why don't we do a band instead?' And I said 'great, okay let's go!' Our approach is kind of original to “original rock'n'roll”. Real humans, real time, real studio, real instruments. I don't want to make music alone in a computer, y'know? I'd rather do it with a group of people - you have a laugh that way.”
    He added, “It's Oliver, Lucrecia, and I along with a revolving cast of characters, including but not limited to Adam MacDougall from The Black Crowes on keys, Davey Faragher from Elvis Costello's band, Scott Shriner from Weezer, and it's just a lot of fun. It's raw, it's rock and roll, but it still has a pop hook sort of sensibility.”

  • Photo by Mj Kim
  • source : Apple Music
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